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I would like to apply - example

Posted: Tue Feb 22, 2011 2:17 pm
by Ice Maiden
You simply press create a new topic.

outline your group and its site.

And that you have a regular meeting and would like a forum here instead of or as well as your own one.

Remember, you must have a genuine real life meeting group to apply here, this service is simply to unburden the group organisers from running forums and database alone. But be safe in the knowledge the tzoneteam will be overseeing it. You do not even need your own website as you can simply post news and events to your own forum.

What are the advantages say over facebook or twitter?

Well FB and Twitter live in the here and now and posts are quickly pushed off the bottom of the page, in a forum you can lock, make stickies, block, ban and delete posts, have topics that you can come and go from for months that are clearly visible. Having FB, Twitter and a forum here is probably all you'll ever need.

Contact ice maiden in private message if you would like to learn more.