Poems by Chloe Jane

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Poems by Chloe Jane

Postby Chloe.jane.oliver » Sun Jan 08, 2012 3:14 pm

As I look in the mirror
see my reflection looking back at me
but what is it that I see
when will my reflection be me

As I walk along the street
see people turning to look at me
wonder what it is they see
could it ever possible be me

How I long to know and feel
someone caressing, loving only me
I wonder just what he would see
when will my reflection be me.

My season my winter
hath shown this day and calling loud
my passion my thought
nay die away in clouded shroud
my hopes my dreams
soaring high with the rising crowd
my body my prison
maketh not my head resting bowed
my gender my dreams
with preyr one day some how aloud
my faith my temple
a clear blue sky and standing proud
my troubles my worries
shall drift away with passing cloud
my sole my spirit
live today with a promise vowled

Closed shutters protecting me, from black cloud and summer storm
rain falling hard as the bitter tears on my cheak
with heart of lead and dark thought another depression today is born
imagining the joy of one gender that I seek
people whispering, laughing, will i never be free from scorn
know i should stand and fight, alas my will is weak
I see no more than the grim darkness of this summer storm
must lift my head above the cloud and take a peak
sun always shining, wining through dark sky's to keep me warm
I know my spirit and my will shal lift as I speak
again I hope, to me a new life be born.

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Re: Poems by Chloe Jane

Postby emmawattson » Tue Aug 07, 2012 3:59 am

C is for Caring, an awesome trait
H is for Heavenly, your spirit is strong
L is for Laughter, you spread wherever you go
O is for Openess, its refreshing
E is for Elegant, born within you.
Chloe, you light up my life!!!

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