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Postby Ice Maiden » Mon Jul 18, 2011 8:01 am


There will be a number of changes in regard to how flaming posts will be dealt with from now on.

A new group will be formed 'moderation queue'.

People who continually harass, post obscene, threatening, bullying, hateful or content that is just to inflame others into serious arguments, will be added to the moderation queue. Set to read only status as in they can not post at all be deactivated or banned.

All their posts from then on will have to be approved by the moderators. Mods who approve content that inflames the forums my be asked to stand down.

This is simply a precaution - if people behave and treat each other with dignity and respect and remain calm this is unlikely to be used.

Arguing and stamping feet about this very post may lead to people being placed on it.

This is not a pub car park.

If people can speak calmly and in a courteous way then they can raise issues but there is no substitute for pressing the 'REPORT' button above any posts - this is the place to air your grievance not in the open forum where newbies needing support and friendship can be traumatised by what are issues that cannot be resolved with out reporting the issue and supplying evidence or links.

USING CAPITAL LETTERS!!! is shouting and be very careful when you do this that it is not inflammatory.

Mods who have concerns can raise them on the internal mail system we use, and this will solve their problems far more quickly then ranting in the forums. This can in itself cause others to join a rant thread. This will then likely lead to a number of people losing forum privileges as a result.

People have many life problems and often forums like this are one of the few places they can speak out loud and unload their issues. But sometimes this 'projection' goes beyond an acceptable level to the point where individuals listening start to feel unwell from it and this is bullying.

People when they join this forums sign an agreement log out and press register you can read it again.

But the important part is you agree to what is said - few probably read it I'd recommend you do that now.

But here is a small part of that legalise.
You agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated or any other material that may violate any laws be it of your country, the country where “Transgender Zone Support Forums” is hosted or International Law.

If people break those rules as far as this forums is concerned you do not have a leg to stand on legally or otherwise. That registration agreement is a contract and you are expected to behave within those rules. If you do not then you may have your account deactivated.

This forums was set up to support transpeople who may just be coming to terms with issues and need a friend. This is what you do best let's not lose sight of this goal and remember your first day. Let's draw a line under what has happened and move on.

The group has had a disclaimer here from the very first day please read it.

To remain in this forum you must accept these rules, if you do not we politely request that you leave, your accounts can be deleted along with your posts but you must make this request to me in a pm.

You can leave and your posts remain - this maybe preferable if you have put a great deal of work into supporting people and to remove this advice maybe harmful to those you have helped.

Once deleted it cannot be undone.

Mods who delete or edit posts must copy them to the team before doing so this goes for moderation queue refusals also.

Threads that are clearly inflammatory will be deleted.
Disclaimer!!!! Please Read!

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