Overwhelming, excited, frustrated! I know you understand people!!!

FTM transmen issues.
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Overwhelming, excited, frustrated! I know you understand people!!!

Postby Dibzy123 » Wed Nov 25, 2020 9:18 pm

Hiya everyone!
Bit of advice needed as I am sure a lot of people here understand and have been through more or less the same thing!

So, I have known about my trans identity since I was around 5 years old, obviously up until teenage years didn't understand but always acting in such a way people would question my behaviour, something else I wouldn't understand until I was older. I eventually came out when I was around 19 but felt trapped and pushed into a box as well as overlooked and seen as acting out. This then again made me feel pointless and worthless and then put me back in my box.
Fast forward 12 years and I have now spoken to my doctor, have come out to some people and am now waiting to hear from the gender dysphoria clinic. My doc sent my referral off yesterday. He has also added noted to my files in which next to my actual name has MX Lucca and notes explaining this. I feel absolutely amazing. While I am still trying to understand all of the terminology etc, I feel like a new person.
So, My questions and advice needed: Best place for packers, powder, binders, accessories people suggest and feel I will need. I am still quite new to all of the physical things. I have had one or two binders and packers before (for about 7 years) but after reading up I found there are powders and other things I can use (stps and other things) so I am sorry if that came across a stupid question.
Also, I've commented on another thread somewhere on here but I was wondering if I had to wait for my other appointments with the gender clinic for any sort of T or suppressors or whatever else I would be taking once I have been seen (or is it not as simple as this? )

I'm excited I can eventually live my life as myself. I'm 30 in April! So 25 years of fighting something... someone that should have been seen and heard a long time ago.

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