Health Warning of NON-SILICON PRODUCT!

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Health Warning of NON-SILICON PRODUCT!

Postby Rodrigo » Thu Aug 09, 2018 10:01 am

I am a research fellow at the Hospital marquis de Valdecilla in spain. I am part of the genetics and autoimmune research group. I am also FTM. We are currently undergoing research into prosthetics and use of silicon, food based silicon, plastics, rubber etc in medical use or otherwise other non medical use.
We have concluded that non silicon products- those advertised as rubber, silicon mix, and sometimes may be a mixture of silicone and soft plastics. The manufacturers of many of these products are not always clear about what materials have gone into making them. Similar-sounding names ("cyberskin" versus "ultraskin") may or may not indicate the same list of ingredients in any given dildo/dick. Other product names may include "jelly," "rubber," "elastomer," "soft vinyl," "cyberskin," "ultraskin," "softskin," "UR3," "flexoflesh," and other unique names
Are all TOXIC!
They are porous, and or leak chemicals back into your system, causing cell degeneration, overgrowth (cancer) and other complications such as liver toxicity, kidney failure.
If you buy any products to be used on your skin you need food grade silicon products- the ones used medically. We have had now many cases of kidney failure in ephronogy department due to bad or false silicon transplants/prosthetics. As well as lymph node blockage -tumours) Even sex toys!!! Pleasure products are dangerous if you don’t know what ingredients are present. This is becoming an epidemic.
Pure safe silicon food grade silicon, should not smell!! That’s the first hint! It has no odour. Plus the colouring mixed with these silicon type rubbers most of time include LEAD!!!
FTM is a huge business however most of the products you can buy are very very harmful!! Please be careful. In 5-10 years time you may be faced with a serious medical problem. We see too many of them now... in spain we can only use approved and tested food grade silicon now.
If it touches your skin it needs to be safe!!! Easy to clean, desinfectar, no pourous and without odour.

If you don’t trust me please read this!!! ... conebasics

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