FTM transmen issues.
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Postby Adamkash » Sun Jul 19, 2015 11:39 pm

Hi John, thanks a lot for replying and sorry it took me so long to get back here. I actually checked a couple times but it showed no new notifications, I just happened to see that you have replied because I scrolled down!

Anyway, I am very glad your happy with the results. It is really odd, but I am not really comfortable with using the arm. Its odd because thats what I planned to have for two years, and now all of thw sudden I dont want to, and I dont even have any rational explanation for it! :x

I thought about the thigh, but appearantly the sensations arent very good. And the stomach one.... Well not much information out there about it, which is very frustrating because I really want to know more about it. Even Dr.C had only one picture to show me which is not really enough to help me make up my mind. Even on Internet, it seems like everybody is talking about the arm one, I havent actually joined any other forums, this is my first but all articles and stuff are about the arm. Very frustrating.

I am really pleased to hear that I can remove the hair after surgery, I just hope it doesnt hurt more than it should :gigglersx:

Yea I think email is the way. I know it doesnt matter where they are because communications are always with email or phone, I did feel like I needed face to face communications tho at some point but am over it now :clap: I'll send an email sometime next week and have a chat with the doc.

I really appreciate your help, I dont think many people will have the patience to answer people's questions long after their surgeries. I hope I do what your doing after I finish my stuff. It is really nice as well to see someone who came out of it happy.

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Postby snowdoggy » Sat Jul 25, 2015 1:59 am

Hi Adam,

Sorry it's taken me so long to reply. I don't get on here as much as I used to. I always vowed that after transition I would carry on and help others that are in the same situation I was but things change. I still do my bit but far less so than I used to online. I tend to get ftms who want advice referred to me via friends of friends if you know what I mean, usually regarding lower surgery and deal with them via Facebook or meeting up in person.

I understand your reservations about using the arm. It is much too "out there" visually and the risk of people working out you are ftm is always a worry, particularly with the media now showing more and more about trans surgery. I considered using the leg or stomach too but the best results I saw were always from radial forearm flap. This may not be the case now as things are always changing and techniques improving.

Please don't take my word that you can have the hair removed after surgery. That is only something I've heard and don't know any guys that have done that.

It's such as shame that there are so few guys on the forum now. It used to have a great buzz and we used to meet up on regular occasions in Manchester. Not just the guys but the gals too (sorry for sounding like Jimmy Savile there :sick:). Had some great nights.

My surgery photos are available on Tzone's sister site as they are no longer allowed to show them on here:-
http://18.transgenderzone.com/forum/vie ... bLfvvlViko

If you have a look please don't panic about the arm photos as they were taken very soon after surgery and it has healed fantastically since those photos were taken. I keep thinking I should out some new up-to-date photos on there but never seem to get round to doing it.
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Postby Adamkash » Sun Jul 26, 2015 12:06 pm

Hi John, thanks again for replying!

I understand what you mean, but it is great that you still do it even if its every now and then.

and about the look of the arm, scars dont actually bother me much at all, neither people knowing I am ftm. The reason amI not liking the idea of using my arm anymore is because i have bad circulation and although the doctor said it is fine to use, I am still a bit worried. the idea of losing the functionality really scares me. your photos actually make me feel a lot more confident about doing it because your arms and your fellow down there both look great but I am always reminded that maybe i am that 1% that goes wrong, you know what i mean?

I know a while back, the arm was the best option for look and sensations and thats why it is so popular online, but am wondering if the stomach one is catching up now but it is really hard to tell since there is no information at all about it except a few sentences here and there, and i dont really know any ftms, i haven't actually met any before, only met two guys pre T when I was a few months on T but nothing since then but i might get involved in something, dont know what that is right now :lolno: but am sure i ll manage. I have looked on this website, and nothing at all about it .

about the hair removal thingy, I'll ask the doctor when i send him that email that I dont seem to get my head around at all :lol:

but anyway, thanks a lot John for helping me out, honestly it was really nice to have someone to talk to who has been through it all.
:-) :-) :-)