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Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 6:40 am
by thefishkeeper
I wish to welcome you all the the new and improved Zone.

I hope that we as FTM's can talk about all subjects and not get to shy about them.

We all have some thing to offer here, no matter what it may be, some of us are older in life, while others are young. We're all going through the same, we all want to get that goal to becoming the man/men we know we are deep inside. Some are just starting, others in progress and some have gone through the whole transition and are living happily.

we're all pioneers in this life.

I have placed a number of post with their own titles this is to keep things tidy and easy to find for all to read and add to.

I really hope that you enjoy our Zone guys.

Once again Welcome.


The Fishkeeper