Going forward vs. Changing back?

Changed your mind about changing gender roles? Discuss it here.
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Postby Casaluna » Fri Jan 30, 2015 4:40 am

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Re: Going forward vs. Changing back?

Postby Steffi » Fri Jan 30, 2015 8:39 am

I had not intended to post further but now ought to.
If I reported the matter incorrectly then I am embarrassed to have done so but glad to be corrected. It is important that information is accurate.
I did stress the" IF I remember correctly."
I did not follow any further development of the story. The last I heard of it was that Dr Curtis had been put under supervision whilst the GMC investigated - that is a definite and the tale is in the archives here somewhere.
If he was subsequently exonerated, then I did not hear of it. If the allegations were made by CX then it does sound more like simple harassment.
- I will go back and insert a warning that my statement is apparently inaccurate (rather than deleting it which would make nonsense of many following remarks)

- I truly have no personal grudge against the man, I believed I was legitimately correcting or clarifying a misconception that he was "being harrassed just because he provides an alternative route"
Regarding the inference that he might be easy-going:-
I'm sure that he does operate within WPATH guidelines - with the amount of scutiny he's had he would have little choice whatever his personal feelings (which I do not know)
So what became of the previous problem that involved him with the GMC? I have the dim recollection that was about dispensing hormones?
http://www.theguardian.com/society/2013 ... ard-curtis
Was that also a storm-in-a-teacup and a false allegation? I have no recollection of and cannot find the outcome - probably because of the usual thing, the allegation is front-page news and the retraction one column-inch on page twenty.

I do in fact know personally at least two people who see or have seen Dr Curtis and they report well of him.
To clarify - my slight unease with the private route is general, not in any way specific to Dr Curtis.
A doctor curing disease in private practise is simple. The faster he gets you well again, the better for you and the better for his reputation and consequently business.
The same apllies to a psych treating the mentally ill.
- when it comes to a psych or doctor whose target is "to get you through" something then I think that's a much finer line to walk.
That's especially true of those turned away by a GIC. If they simply got tired of the inherent delay of the UK sytem, then that's less questionable.
If the delay through the GIC was "for cause" then that is a matter which needs more careful evaluation. ( in MY opinion)
CX justify their two-year RLE by claiming a spike in drop-outs from the program in the 18 to 20 month time-frame. (apologies, I no longer have the link) - but if that is accurate then it should give us pause. Few things hurt the cause as much as a Regretter and that should be avoided as much as possible, both for their own sake and for "ours"

My worse mistake in posting last night was that because of my dour mood and frustration over something personal and entirely unrelated, I sounded-off about the general degree of complaining about CX and the treatment of gender in the UK. The GIC's are too few and underfunded, but that is also true of most of the rest of the NHS. Any ire would be better directed at the Government. Without the funds, no department can do much to improve.
(That does not mean that CX shouldn't be roasted over the times when they clearly DO scr*w up)
I was harsh on Christine. I have been supportive to her by PM several times in the past and have been stressing from the first that it was vital to present an image of mental stability to CX.
It was uncharacteristically harsh of me to point that out so bluntly.

At the time, I intended to point out that like many other things there is a glass-half-full/glass-half empty viewpoint of our gender situation in the UK.
When I read my post back next day, even without the inaccuracies, it was more a rant.
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Postby Casaluna » Sat Jan 31, 2015 2:42 pm

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Re: Going forward vs. Changing back?

Postby JENNYJET » Sat Feb 07, 2015 8:43 pm

Steffi, Christine et al, Thank you for your considered responses. I was a little surprised that a very short quotation from my original post re; life is 'much of a muchness' etc aroused an interesting discussion.

Reflecting upon my pre-op months attending the clinic at Greyhound Road CX, never once was such a hint of advice given to me that mirrors my own words. Then again, how can a non trans understand? They follow pathways handed down from some higher entity and if one is fortunate or looks pretty enough to pass post-op, one gets to undergo life changing surgery.

Note that last remark, life changing means exactly that. I had my 'dream' operations not fully expecting anything like the horrendous problems that followed. Losing my hated penis was a joy to treasure but the costs to me since that day would require an academic paper not designed for this forum and then only for private one to one discussion.

The trouble with the standards set to CX patients is that no one is in place to offer a pre-op advice programme for patients to prepare for any post surgical issues and life after final discharge from the service. OK, we get post-op reviews and medical and hormonal checks but not the lifelong issues that follow radical surgery.

I was upon a forward journey, I wanted it, I got it, do I want to reverse it all even if it were possible? No I do not wish to contemplate such a dreadful prospect but I do wish not to lose blood everytime I visit the toilet to have a simple pee or suffer discomfort when I have a number 2!

I live as but do not feel acceptance as a true woman in my village and all overt womanly activities are suppressed but are not completely hidden. A feeling but it remains real.

Because of my medical problems from my strokes to gender surgery, I live alone with my Greyhound because I am unable to fully interact with local society. A disabled with hygiene issues ( blood loss ) no human relatives and my dog as my only friend, was it all worth it?

As a side issue, I am aware of other Doctors at CX being vilified for varied media driven reasons, I only wish to confirm my thanks to those that dealt with me.

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Re: Going forward vs. Changing back?

Postby JENNYJET » Tue May 31, 2016 7:43 pm

I recall a previous posting following a dreadful experience in hospital as a post-op patient following a triple fracture of my right ankle with lower leg trauma.

My time in the hospital was wrecked by the inept and badly trained medical support staff, not nurses but by those creatures that do the blood pressure checks and deliver the medication and the meals. Those for whom it is a job and a good giggle in the staff room.

It appears that my 'complete' medical history was open to all upon whatever screen and upon whatever ward I was deposited, no restrictions, full history and thus new life destroyed.

Passport, Birth Certificate and Gender Recognition Certificate amounted to nothing.

One can endure transition in the belief that life shall be good and happiness shall endure.

Beware of the unexpected life event, totally unplanned and unpleasant but one becomes hostage to life itself.

I planned everything, it went to plan, it was good until post-op kicked in so to speak!

Life happened, it barged into my peaceful post-op life and wrecked it. Post-op medical issues that remain after 6 years, negative social interactions, a retreat into social isolation, a triple bone fracture and a hellish spell in a hospital staffed by inept staff, I declare my life is me and my beloved Staffie!

I need friends but I see none forthcoming! Thank you for reading.

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