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Re: New and haven't a clue

Postby Tgdad » Sat Jul 13, 2019 5:08 am

Dude, there is nothing wrong with enjoying nuturing or caring for your childern. If breast feeding felt good its because of the emotional bonding it creates with your child. And thats a good thing to have as a parent.
As for the clothing issue, just by mens clothes. Its an awkward experience at first but people are more understanding these days, you'll get less weird looks as a ftm than i did when i bought my first blouse and skirt.
Its just a stereo type that still lingers especially here in my small town. Lets just say rednecks suck.
Even dressing as your birth sex in the clothes of the gender you identify as helps. Small steps help. I havebeen doing that very thing now for about 9 years. I started with just girl socks n undies then move up to wearing pants n shirt that werent totally girly. Im not fully out but helped while i figured things out.
You have to happy with who you are as a person and the people who truly care about you will still care about you regardless of how you look/identify.

If you havent already, start by talking about it with your family. It wont solve it but it does help relieve some of the stress.
Ultimately do what you need to do to be happy.

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