Post op ability to climax

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Re: Post op ability to climax

Postby Nienna » Fri Nov 25, 2011 2:36 am

i was wokem up in the middle of the night after surgery by my body climaxing from the presence of the padding inside me. i was groggy...and it hurt....but i knew right away that climaxing wasnt going to be a problem, so went to sleep again happy. since then it never has a been a problem.

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Re: Post op ability to climax

Postby Philippakristiana » Mon Apr 24, 2017 9:29 pm

Let us cut straight to the point, no post op trans girl is going to orgasm like a cis girl, for a start we are still not built like one. If like me you have stated that being like a real woman inside is just as important as looking like a woman externally then you would have been told they do not do it, all we get is half a job done. What you should be worrying about is prostate cancer, did you believe the rubbish about the chance of getting it is reduced? What they did not want to tell you is that in post op girls, the prostate shrinks so much that detecting prostate cancer becomes very difficult, by the time they find it you need chemo straight away.
Looking at what has been posted so far, your orgasms have come about because your brain, body and new genitalia needs arousal in new ways, you get used to finding out what works best for you, how many actually had earth shattering orgasms in your old self? If you could not achieve that you are not likely to achieve them fully in your new gender, basically it comes down to the individual and how the individual's nervous system is wired up, I am sorry this post might be a bit of a party pooper.

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Re: Post op ability to climax

Postby Steffi » Tue Apr 25, 2017 7:41 am

basically it comes down to the individual and how the individual's nervous system is wired up,

- and there is the nub of the issue.

Significant numbers of transwomen also had such an acute aversion to their former male genitals that their desire for or fulfillment from sexual activity was very adversely affected. I have known two transwomen who had zero sexual experience of any kind unti after their SRS healed.

- anyone who goes into SRS "to experience the mind-blowing sexual climaxes" that SOME women APPEAR to have is doing it for entirely the wrong reasons and is likely to be rather disappointed.
Do not forget that a large number of women cannot climax during "normal sexual intercourse" and a very significant number cannot climax at all (*1)

re Prostate cancer - I think that your remarks are unnecessarily alarmist. Prostate cancer is often testosterone-driven and the first (and perhaps only treatment given) for early-stage prostate cancer is to suppress testosterone.
If you have credible data on an increased risk to transwomen post-SRS then do please link to it - TZone tries to give accurate information.
In any case there are serious consequences to prostate removal including urinary incontinence and loss of erectile function. This is the reason why immediate removal of the prostate is not undertaken at the first sign of cancer in men.
( - do not forget either that in born-women the erectile tissue which in men becomes the penis is instead formed into an inverted horseshoe-shape around the vaginal women also have sexually responsive erectile tissue. The tiny hooded "bud" commonly referred to as the clitoris is in fact only a tiny but extremely sensitive part of the whole)

Many cancers are "only detected too late" Cancer of the pancreas in particular is rarely discovered until it is in a very advanced state.

Personally, I find orgasm quicker and much more satisfying if I include penetration which particularly stimulates my "G-spot" - which is actually/formerly my prostate and corresponds in place and function to the "female prostate gland" called Skene's glands (*2)
Whilst sexual climax for me takes longer and is on average less intense than it was in my former male life, sometimes it is really good. It depends on who with, when and why I am doing it. I am also muti-orgasmic, which is nice. Sometimes that is five or six mild climaxes, sometimes three small ones and a bigger one or sometimes just one big one........I carry on until "it's enough."
This response, behaviour or pattern is consistent with born-women. Bear in mind that not all women are multi-orgasmic.
quote :- Previous research shows that only 15 percent of women have actually succeeded in having double o’s. However, there's not a lot of data on multiple orgasms, which makes it difficult to study. Research published in Archives of Sexual Behavior found that out of 800 women, 26 percent achieved multiple orgasms through self-stimulation, and 25 percent via intercourse.
......An orgasm can range anywhere from fireworks to the flicker of a candle; all contingent on how strong the pelvic contraction is and how long it lasts."

Looking at what has been posted so far, your orgasms have come about because your brain, body and new genitalia needs arousal in new ways, you get used to finding out what works best for you, how many actually had earth shattering orgasms in your old self? If you could not achieve that you are not likely to achieve them fully in your new gender,

It is a fact that 95%+ of sex is entirely in your mind - the simple mechanical function of intercourse is much the same with any partner. What makes one person "great in bed" and another less exciting is psychologically derived.
(...... a thing which was starkly brought home to me when I became active as a Dominatrix. e.g. some guys (or girls) are brought almost to the point of climax by the touch/smell of rubber or leather. All of these Submissives are excited by the notion of being a slave, or under control of a Mistress. The atmosphere and personal aura projection are extremely important components .......psychological) not forget either that whilst SOME women have fantastic orgasms, a very high percentage of women are left totally unsatisfied by men's haste, roughness, lack of foreplay, lack of empathy and the very short time between first penetration and ejaculation.

btw ...... on a somewhat related note - do you think this person is a male or a female? ... 98796.html
...... I wonder how good HER orgams are......

(*1)The latest data from the Kinsey Institute indicates that 20 to 30 percent of women don't have orgasms during intercourse. But the number is likely much higher, says Carol Queen, staff sexologist and researcher at Good Vibrations, a feminist adult toy shop and education center in San Francisco. "The statistic my colleagues and I have been citing lately is that roughly 70 percent of women rarely or never have orgasms with intercourse. That makes it the norm," she says. "I think most people have no idea so many women have this problem." ... m-deficit/
also ... ms-111985/


also of interest ... n-sex.html ... e-o-397190
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Re: Post op ability to climax

Postby Elizabunt26 » Mon Oct 02, 2017 12:22 pm

Ok I'm. not post op....yet I've done a lot of research and from what I've read it's mentality, if I'm not into now it ain't happening without a lot of effort. However I can climax from the head of the penis being rubbed in a circle alone and I can climax from anal very easily. My wife often likes to combine anal and running her finger along the head of my penis while I lose my mind and ability to think or even know where I'm at in the universe lol. It's almost a spiritual experience. As far as hormones I'm on spironalactone and estradiol 200 mg of spiro and 6 mg estradiol (everyone is different depending on endo and based on blood work) however since being on hormones for the last 11 months I didnt really have a labido before... ever since I started my hormones it's over whelming at times, my sexuality has COMPLETELY changed. I like guys now as well as women, I used to be disgusted by the thought of a man "doing me" it often pops into my head while I'm doing stuff with out my prompting. I crave the touch of sexuality now more than the actual sexual act, but I'm constantly "horny". I dunno everyone else I've ever talked to says there sex drive went way down or went away all together, not mine, mine was the opposite now I constantly crave my wife. I'm being 100% honest I'm looking forward to srs, I'm not scared at all. (Slightly scared of having no sensation) but right now I climax very intensely of the head of my penis, long drawn out oh sh*t oh sh*t oh sh*t climax so as long as the feeling comes back to my clitoris I know I can orgasm that way. I know I clinax from anal so I know I'm good. I just thought I would share my experience to help. My wife is cis female btw and she tells me the same things I've read on here about it being similar (as long as all your feeling is there) to a natal female. The biggest thing I guess is figuring out how to use it.

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