Poor experiences in Trans healthcare?

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Poor experiences in Trans healthcare?

Postby Cassie » Wed Feb 06, 2013 8:51 pm

This survey has been formulated in response to the #transdocfail twitter tag that was doing the rounds a few weeks ago. We're trying to build up a picture of negative treatment of transpeople within UK health systems both in trans-specific healthcare and general healthcare:

http://tech.aurum-solutions.co.uk/limes ... ?sid=32659

Please contribute your horror stories...

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Re: Poor experiences in Trans healthcare?

Postby Ice Maiden » Thu Feb 07, 2013 3:20 pm

I think as I am in the process of trying to get my issues sorted out - it would be unfair to list problems unless they go ignored or arrogance results in blaming the victim...

Trouble is the only variable between healthy people walking into CX and miserable people who maybe in pain leaving is the doctor in between. No amount of head shaking will remove that fact.

I don't know how long the survey will be there for but I think I will need another 6 months to be certain of poor provable treatment. And by then it maybe in the hands of the GMC and lawyers. As there are constant ethical breaches at CX.

http://www.gmc-uk.org/about/register_co ... onduct.asp

http://www.patient.co.uk/doctor/Ideals- ... c-Oath.htm
The classical Hippocratic Oath has been summarised as:
'A solemn promise:
non-maleficence (from the Latin 'primum non nocere' or 'do no harm') towards patients.

It is clear from accounts I have heard and have personally experienced that many are and have been and are being harmed by the lack of adequate followups, you do not need a GRS surgeon in many cases to assess problems - a gynecologist could be bussed in to examine painful vaginas bleeding or similar, and in cases where they are out of their depth then have a 'priority referral' system where, "sorry but they drop the surgeries that earn them money to patch up what they have already done". Were this a member of their own family or their child in similar pain they would treat it immediately. Many transpeople are fobbed off and told to, "take 2 of these" (drugs, paracetamol or similar) only to be left to fester alone and in pain for months on end - this is not good enough and beyond cruelty.

The problem is care has almost been routinised with some say are tired out of date techniques, surgeons of an age who probably don't really want to update their tried and tested cash cows. They have a duty of care which to me which should favour those they have treated already rather than those they are about to treat. If anyone is going to bring their careers down and make headlines in the newspapers with class action legal action it is not the people they have not treated it is those they have already treated - Its a bit like the Jimmy Savile thing, it only takes one grain of gravel to move for a mountain to slide in an avalanche.

We could look at it like this - lets imagine this more coldly, as a 'product' for sale' The product is say a cooker a cooker you have dreamed of and waited for all your life. You have it delivered and it is all shiny and new and you are excited. 3 months later there is a problem. The oven doesn't work and the door falls off! What would you do?

Well you would call the company or the person who supplied the goods and complain and expect it fixed. But that person says, "I can send a man to repair it in 6 months! You say OK!", (yeah like that is what is gunna happen) - most would demand a refund! So they could get a better cooker elsewhere - they certainly would not buy the same cooker from the same man again would they? But lets imagine you feel sorry for this overworked cooker salesman? He arrives in 6months and says, "oh its not working because you have cooked 3 pies in it. So tough!" You would go ballistic! Contact trading standards, go to watchdog on the BBC and feel ripped off!

Swap the cooker for surgery, and the salesman for the doc - whats the difference? They are selling a 'product' too - forget everything else, they are not doing it for free! They have been paid by your PCT to provide this 'product', they scr*w up and then ask the PCT for more money to do revisions! This is like your cooker being cr*p and then saying well if you pay for half the price the cooker again we will try and repair it. No other business would operate or even exist based on this model.

It truly is laughable.

The trouble with transpeople is they are so desperate to get surgery they will often settle for anything, but when the smoke clears many wonder wtf has happened.

This is not just a surgery or CX issue. I had to sue my PCT to get to CX in the fist place - now there is irony. I never get any blood tests offered, everything I need I have to write to docs for. Now thats all very well for someone who has the ability to write and beg and plead for their care. What happens to those who are unable to do this, or so depressed they cannot even face the outside world? We know of one post op patient on this very forum who has written of her suicide attempt after her outcome here viewtopic.php?f=40&t=2432&start=45#p26521. And warnings from this girl who could afford to do it correctly here - she is also a patron for Gires btw So not good she is saying what she is saying about CX Surgeons see: http://iwanttobeagirl.org/kate-transition.html (Sex Resassignment Surgery (SRS) / Gender Correction Surgery (GCS) Section).

I know others here, who have written to CX regarding funding, their local PCT requires a supportive letter many PCTs are actually prepared to act for example and pay for a referral, and the letter mysteriously goes missing creating unnecessary and cruel delays. Or the letter is never seen again. I send Everything recorded delivery for this reason and CC. all correspondence to my GP. As it is all evidence should it ever get to court. You never know.

Nothing exposes incompetence like you own local Doctors and Health Care Managers also witnessing it themselves as lets face it if they struggle to get information or are ignored thats a whole another wing that could end up as expert witnesses. rolling their eyes in disbelief.

I just fear a storm is brewing, and CX should act now before it is too late.

They should slow down a little and sort out and do some follow up work on those that they have already discharged. As some problems may not materialise for 12 months. They ignore them at their peril. This could become the biggest scandal since Russell Reid made headlines all those years ago and the recent Dr Richard Curtis debacle demonstrates there is an appetite for these stories. Only this week a Hospital made headlines for incompetence, see http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-21364888 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-21356563 so don't think it can't happen.

"It will be fine once it heals," only goes so far as an excuse - Then What?
Disclaimer!!!! Please Read! http://media.transgenderzone.com/?page_id=2

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