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Postby tzone » Sun Jul 14, 2013 3:19 pm

We run ads to be able to provide this service free to all. It never generates enough, nowhere near it, but it helps.

All ads have a means by which you can close them.

There are a number of the 'annoying type', popups can be blocked by some popup blockers some cannot be blocked, we have tried to mix this up a bit across the site.

Regular ads are in the margins of each page/headers and footers.

However you may also see ads that pop up from the bottom ... 06263c.jpg

These are also known as 'stayons' or sliders - all have a close button but it is similar to Google Video ads in that they do not block the page they just appear and then can be closed.

We are trying those atm to ease the pain some have flt over the lightbox layer ads that take over the entire page.

We are all looking for the golden method where we make a fortune and can do so much for nothing - short of a lottery win thats not going to happen. So for now just be aware we understand the annoyances and try to see them as a way to help us survive than a way to bug and annoy you!

Remember if you have posted a lot here you can apply for ADFREE PREMIUM here!

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