Title and describe well - How to make the most of your posts

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Title and describe well - How to make the most of your posts

Postby tzone » Sat Jun 26, 2010 1:36 pm

Posting on forums deserves a good title.

Often when people post they may post wacky or Zany titles that are cryptic or only have meaning to that person alone.

When people search here or online via google try to think of what they maybe looking for.

For example let us assume your post is about stand up to pee devices, maybe even a review of a product you have bought.

Putting a title "STP is cool!" is not such a great title as

"Stand to pee devices for female to male transgender men - a review"

As that is what people on google are likely to be looking for.

Next time you post give a little effort and thought to your titles they can be make or break for page hits ;)

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