New TOS for the forums - IMPORTANT please read!!!

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New TOS for the forums - IMPORTANT please read!!!

Postby Ice Maiden » Mon Oct 17, 2011 8:47 am


This has been debated by the team and there is a general consensus that the following rules must now apply to people leaving the forums.

Only an administrative request can be made to delete their PROFILE and their personal BLOG from our database.

The request ALL Posts be deleted will no longer apply. It is for the individual to remove their own posts or politely edit them in other areas. This of course must be done before removal of profile as it can no longer be done once the person is deleted.


When people leave they are often aggrieved, angry, humiliated, upset and so on and their immediate decision can be spiteful. So there tends to be a 'scorched earth policy' this is human nature. But although we accept to some degree the ownership of the personal blog and profile, this is very different if you are posting on other people's threads - one because the removal of your post can lead their thread into gibberish - in other words the thread makes no sense, the thread creator cannot put this right. Only the person leaving can go in and alter their post so it still flows but in a way that is satisfactory for the poster in question.

Words of wisdom you may have offered say by posting a news story, suddenly disappear, people maybe linking to that post you made outside of this forum and thus you break their links!

It is kinder on everyone that only the profile and Blog will be removed for you, you can still delete your posts, you must do so from now on.

These terms will come into effect from today 17/10/11

Posted on behalf of the TZT
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