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Special area for friends and family of transgender people to get or give advice and support.
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Wee update

Postby Pennyforthem » Sun May 19, 2013 9:53 am

Not been on in a while. All was very quiet as I was told might happen, iv really didn't have much to post about. Iv found out my son has been self medicating with hormones and blockers ( I think) Is this recommended wee bit worried . On the plus side he likes the feeling of being on them . We have took a holiday together but the subject didn't really come up as much as I'd hoped , don't want to force the issue though . Still nice to spend time together. Pre appointment next week so things hopefully starting to move in the direction he wants to go ( he is still using these pronouns and until he wants me to change to she/her etc I will continue to use them hope no one is offended but I feel it should be on his terms)

Love and peace penny

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