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Re: Jenni Murray - helpful and/or hurtful?

Posted: Sun Mar 12, 2017 2:23 pm
by Ice Maiden
Steffi wrote:I think that what she is mainly pointing out is that transwomen missed the Socialisation of born women - as we know, girls are taught different behaviours, goals and expectations from an early age. We miss out on going through the process of growing up and going through adolescence among our female peers.

However we feel about ourselves, I think that it is a valid point that we missed that ..........and can never recover it.
The writer went out of her way to stress that she is not ANTI-trans ....... she is just making the point that I did above and which I feel does have some significance.
- it certainly does to me.

I disagree as this is a sweeping statement, as many transwomen transion very early, and spend more of their life in their acquired gender than that of some biological quirk. It also depends on the family unit, society, and many other factors. A liberal home can and is now seen to be allowing their children to express themselves how they feel. That same child in some 'sink estate' may struggle more. It is the 'REAL' women issue I have a problem with. As this is a loaded statement. I remember being at trans* events and early transitioners and gay people were often heard to say, "are you a real woman?" and those passable trans*women who said they were not... actually upset those early transitioners as they felt they could never achieve this level of 'real woman'. Then those that said they were despite having a trans*history, were hit on more...

This term 'Real' is nonsense. As I said trans*women are women., How they are socialised even tday is nt helped by a senior broadcatser bandying around the term, which is similar to suggesting a black person can never really be a real Brit as they are not white. It is absurd and I could not feel comfortable sat in her stufio in a woman's hour debate knowing that this is buried in her brain somewhere. As for appologies or sending out some fake news to defend herself. Too late...

I for example see you Steffi as a woman, it just not make any sense to be to see you as anything other than that even if there is a photo of you from 20 years ago, trying to act (and trans* are actors) like a male to fit in. I can see and hear it in your voice (when we chatted) you body language, it is not something we learn it is inside and part of your DNA :)

Re: Jenni Murray - helpful and/or hurtful?

Posted: Sun Mar 12, 2017 2:24 pm
by Ice Maiden