Gateshead Council Transphobic Motion

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Gateshead Council Transphobic Motion

Postby Alice Skye » Wed Jan 23, 2019 10:27 am

On Thursday 24th January 2019, Gateshead Council will become the first council in the UK to put forward a transphobic motion. The motion is being led by Labour councillors and because the council is Labour led, there is a very real chance that the motion could pass if not withdrawn.

The timing of the motion in light of what is happening in the USA and the recent Supreme Court Judgement, would make it appear to the general public that Gateshead Council is coming out in support of President Trump.

My local trans group are fighting the motion. After failing to have the motion dropped quietly, we are now pursuing a more open approach to having the motion blocked at council. If passed it will bring the northeast England into disrepute as the first council to pass a transphobic motion in the UK and send a message to the world that Gateshead Council supports President Trump's attempts at eradicating transgender people - even if that is not their intention, perception is everything.


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