Top former jockey speaks out about transgender journey after 'keeping secret inside for 50 years

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Top former jockey speaks out about transgender journey after 'keeping secret inside for 50 years

Postby Jessica H » Sat Feb 17, 2018 8:38 pm

Victoria Smith spent her whole career hiding a big secret – terrified she would become an outcast in the macho world of racing.

As Vince Smith, she suppressed her wish to be female, passing herself off as one of the lads and even as a bit of a hellraiser.

Looking back over 50 years of her life as a man, she said: “I had a reputation for chasing women with the rowdy lads.
“I was very fortunate, I went out with some stunning girls. I was in love with them but also envious of how they looked.”

Pals had no idea of the real reason Vince was so keen on “eyeing up the girls”.

Victoria added: “I’d find myself looking at women not because I fancied them but to examine their clothes and make-up.”

Since living as a woman, Victoria has received moving messages of solidarity from friends in racing, including three-time champion jockey Richard Dunwoody and Cheltenham Gold Cup winner Graham Bradley.

She said: “Everyone in racing was completely shocked. But the support has been absolutely
unbelievable and overwhelming, the opposite of what I expected.
“During the 80s and 90s, racing was a very masculine sport so the idea of anyone finding out terrified me. It was such a relief when I finally confided in a friend because I had lived with this
secret inside since the age of five.

“It felt as if I had been in prison that whole time and then suddenly released.”

The jockey has never married and has no children but enjoys the support of ex-partners including Lorina Anderson.

Victoria said: “I have had four long-term relationships with women, ranging from four to seven years. They’re all still in touch and I went out to celebrate my last girlfriend’s birthday weeks ago.

“It was really nice she wanted me there. We split three years ago but are on good terms.”

Victoria is now in talks to ride in charity races over the next year.

She added: “I rode as a male for 17 years while always wanting to be female. But if I was born a woman I wouldn’t have had opportunities in racing or made all the friends I did.

“So I want to finish off my career by racing as a female. I’m determined to do it.”

Victoria, who grew up in London, experimented with her mum’s make-up and shoes as a young boy.

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