Skype Support and Discussion Group Show Notes Dec 1st 2014

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Skype Support and Discussion Group Show Notes Dec 1st 2014

Postby Ice Maiden » Sat Dec 06, 2014 3:07 pm

TransgenderZone Vlog #76 011214 - One Trans Voice in Wales and Pink Stinks cos we're all Ginaries!!!


TransgenderZone Vlog #76 011214 - One Trans Voice in Wales and Pink Stinks cos we're all Ginaries!!

Hosts - Sam Johnson, Janett Scott, Rona Rees.

Chat room and Contributers - Christine, ella, Kirsty, Krystine_M, susie_2008uk, Jane_oz plus Chat Guests.

Tonight ....

Kellie Maloney nearly dies following surgery.

TDOR - Why are sexually attractive trans*girls taking over what is a community issue?

Ladybird has decided to axe gender-specific titles.

Gendered Toys? Pink Stinks! Why can't little boys push prams?

Bi-Gendered? What is new about that?

Trans*woman in the USA was buried as a male!

Big News from Wales! Our Rona goes Global!

The New Tech Blog and Podcast by us

Television Logs

Rona Rees (Vice President of the Beaumont Society)

Link to Kellie Maloney on This Morning (itv)

Outrage as Trans*woman Buried as Male ... buried-man
The UK pink news also ran with it as well but more biased obviously ... t-funeral/

Running time: 01.34.38

Watch or subscribe to this show at

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For additional show notes, visit the media page for this episode. and click 'Show Notes'.
Or the Group Page: viewforum.php?f=75

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