Skype Support and Discussion Group Show Notes Oct 6th 2014

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Skype Support and Discussion Group Show Notes Oct 6th 2014

Postby Ice Maiden » Wed Oct 08, 2014 12:10 pm

TransgenderZone Vlog #74 061014 - No Regrets! - GRS Reversals can and do damage Gender services!


TransgenderZone Vlog #74 061014 - No Regrets!

Hosts - Sam Johnson, Janett Scott, Rona Rees and Sophia Botha.

Chat room and Contributers - Suzi2008uk, Rona Rees, Janett Scott, ella, niki74, Kirsty, Krystine_M, NadineNatasha plus Chat Guests.

Tonight ....

*FB Apologise - well sort of for the Drag Queen Names controversy - this in turn does affect the whole iissue of real names on Facebook as many transpeople experiment with a different name whilst transitioning.

*Human Rights - will a new Bill of Rights for the UK bury any hope of justice for the trans*community?

*Transgender GRS Reversal - From time to time cisgender people decide they have made a mistake and thought they were trans. For some it is too late! But just how damaging is this to the services transgender people increasingly require?

*Gay Imprisonment in Morocco - 4 months for being gay. But as it is far easier for Gay men to remain incospicous (than transpeople who are all considered to be Gay by most people even when this is a falsehood) where does that leave someone who does not pass as a man or woman in Morocco and is the increasing 'creep' of extremism going to be here next? Sadly Cassablanc (in Morocco historically was very generous to transpeople and many had their surgeiries there in the 1960s. But today you may by unwise to even consider visiting!

*Laverne Cox and the 'T-WORD' Logo TV show Teaser.

*BAFTAS for Wales? - Glossy Welsh Drams maybe the new 'Nordic Noir' as this requires subtitles too! It shows Wales has some very glossy and gritty dramas that you may not even be aware of with transgender characters!

*Fancy Windows 10 (the latest release for free? See the links below - In our 'Trans Nerds Corner'.


Facebook Links ... 1777354543 ... ntroversy/ ... ame-policy

Human Rights ... ekox_1SdBx

Transgender GRS Reversal ... sex-change ... DLjzfldWso ... tment.html
Jordan Link

Gay Imprisonment in Morocco ... orocco-gay

Laverne Cox and the 'T-WORD' Logo TV show Teaser - watch now!

BAFTAS for Wales?
viewtopic.php?f=16&t=4514 ... 30,BA.html

Nerds Corner (Live afterShow Tech support and discussion for Trans*people).
Windows 10 Technical Preview - But back up or use a different hardrive or partition! ... w-download

Television Logs

Rona Rees (Vice President of the Beaumont Society)

Sophia's Vlog

Running time: 01.20.33

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