Skype Support Group Show Notes for Sunday 22nd May 2011

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Skype Support Group Show Notes for Sunday 22nd May 2011

Postby Ice Maiden » Mon May 23, 2011 7:06 am

Thanks to all those that took part this week - it was fun and this week we got back on track with real trans issues.

1. 'STATUTORY DECLARATION' and deed poll problems.

2. FTM and the importance or not of facial hair.

3. A question from Aiden's mate was very welcome and reflected the report that Pakistan are introducing the 'third gender' as an official classification and what this term would mean if introduced in the west. ... 08716.html
It is clear that there is a cultural significance here that may not transfer well to other parts of the world.

4. We took a brief look at the book 'Finding Chloe' book and raised some issues from it that led to other discussion in regard to 'coming out'. ISBN 978-095684-300-5

5. We ended with discussing the creation of a Wednesday night Skype group. This would run along similar lines to the Sunday one and will start 1st June from 8pm the streaming will be for just one hour 9pm till 10pm and then from 10 till 11pm it will not be streamed. this again allows one hour each side for discussion of more private issues. We need to have some streaming to hopefully attract more skypers who maybe nervous about joining but can initially listen in and talk to the group using our chat facility :)

Plus the usual private issues

see you all next time ;) :tzheadset: :tzskyper: :skyper:
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