MtF transitioning in UK (private)

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MtF transitioning in UK (private)

Postby JohnDoeM8 » Mon Aug 08, 2016 8:33 pm

Hi, I am posting on behalf of a dear friend.
I, myself, am not transgender, and don't know much about it, so I apologise if I use the terminology incorrectly, or, I am unsure of anything. I will try to find out my best from my friend.
Currently, she lives in France, but with no support from anyone, including family, I am the only one she has.
I am planning on paying for her treatment privately if it is faster, and providing her an apartment in UK so she can get the necessary treatment.
She is very knowledgeable about transitioning, however, only knows the resources in Paris and USA.
She knows a little about UK, but, not so much.
She has never taken HRT or any related medication either on her own (DIY) or from any endos or therapists in France.

I would just like to know what she needs to obtain the treatment (surgery will come after) and for her to get the fastest, I know it's a long process, but, to obtain appointments quick enough and then start on HRT.

She has her ID marker as Male, and she'd like to change it.
Do you know if she is able to have MtF HRT while her marker is M (even if private treatment), and, if she will be able to use the paperwork here in UK to get her marker changed in France?
The changing marker in France is something more specific, so, it's okay if you're unsure.
Thank you for your time, it is highly appreciated :)

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