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Claire Yorks
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Re: Leeds GIC

Postby Claire Yorks » Tue Aug 07, 2012 7:47 pm

As Trans Yorkshire left it in Calderdale the waiting time for your first appointment was 8 weeks after your psyc evalutation. It always took longer in other areas Humberside for instance and thats due to the PCT's.

If you can you may want to consider a referal to CX where the waiting time for the first appointment is shorter and the number of mandatory assesment appointments is just two. At Leeds its somehwere between two to five often at monthly intervals depending on the teams assement of you.

Its further to travel to CX and costs more but you might get on the pathway quicker and meet the gorgeous Dr Lorimar as added bonous

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Re: Leeds GIC

Postby JustMe » Tue Aug 07, 2012 8:14 pm

Thanks for the response Claire - that was very kind.

Well, the wait (as long as it is) seems to be okay for me at the moment. I have time to get my LHR well and truly progressing on my face with possibly lots of the electrolysis started/done by then. Of course, the HRT needs time to get going too. I am assuming that there are still a number of appointments to complete prior to HRT being prescribed - I really do wish that it was possible to get started on HRT sooner like in the USA.

Also, this longer time gives my wife and I time to adjust more slowly and hopefully there's a greater chance of us staying together [yesss] .

As you rightly said, CX is a long way from Yorkshire and so it makes financial sense to wait for my appointments to come up with Leeds.

Thanks again though Claire, useful advice [yesss] .

K x.
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Claire Yorks
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Leeds GIC expels bereved patient

Postby Claire Yorks » Fri Oct 12, 2012 7:52 pm

What Iam about to say is not here say allegations proffered by an aggrieved Leeds GIC patient but based on direct quotes from a discharge letter written by the lead psychiatrist at Leeds and circulated by him to Phil Thomas, two doctors within the GIC and to a private psychotherapist of whom I have more to say later. I am quite happy to reinforce the points made by quoting directly from the letter with of course names and other identifiers removed.

The letter is a summary of a patients discharge hearing, let’s call her B, the grounds for her involuntary discharge and the conditions for her re-admittance to Leeds.

The underlying cause for B’s discharge is her bereavement due to the death of her wife a little while ago. She had been a Leeds patient time enough to collect her GRC and last year to be signed off for surgery with Phil Thomas, in fact his pre op assessment meeting went well and a date was booked for the op.

Unfortunately B met with a private’ psychotherapist for two sessions while awaiting surgery and this was to discuss her bereavement issues. B told the psychotherapist that she would like to continue her counselling sessions after surgery. Of this the GIC psychiatrist was informed of this, a process that perhaps breached patient confidentiality and this knowledge triggered a ‘review’ meeting and B’s involuntary discharge from the GIC and the operation was cancelled.

Mixing together the issues of gender dysthporia and bereavement shows the GIC staff to have a shaky grasp of both subjects as much as its unethical and immoral behaviour by the GIC. BUT it doesn't stop there.

The chief psychiatrist at Leeds throws her a lifeline that in his letter he calls THE PLAN.

B can be readmitted to the GIC in a minimum of one year providing that she agrees to see him at his private practice, without him accepting responsibility for her care and continued sessions with the self-same private psychotherapist (£50 regular session over twelve months). Only by accepting THE PLAN had she any hope of returning to Leeds. There is a connection between the Leeds psychiatrist and the psychotherapist, while they are separate practices they work in conjunction with each other. If discharge on grounds of the patient’s bereavement is unethical a discharge that makes readmission to an NHS clinic conditional upon attending a named private practice breaks every NHS regulation.

B has decided not to return to Leeds, a wise choice, or to the private practice named in THE PLAN and she has been referred by her GP to a NHS psychotherapy clinic (£0 fee)

Claire Eastwood
Trans Yorkshire

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Re: Leeds GIC

Postby stujo0 » Wed Mar 27, 2013 4:48 am

Hi everyone,

I'm a student in Leeds and I'm currently studying broadcast journalism. We've been set the task of covering any story at all and I'm really interested in talking to someone from the trans community and how their transformation has been, whether they've had any difficulty being accepted. If you're willing to give up a small amount of your time and have your story shown in a university context to help raise awareness please do let me know.

I feel there is too much negative press around already and would love to help change this.

Thanks everyone and hope to hear from you soon (if you could reply here on this forum that'd be perfect :)

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Re: Leeds GIC

Postby hxlady » Fri Nov 22, 2013 12:17 am

I wrote to the NHS Fraud Unit about the alleged systematic fraud perpetrated at Leeds Gender Clinic by the head shrink and his acolytes and requested to know what they proposed to do about it.
NHSFU said it was confidential info.
So I wrote again last week stating that it was in the public interest that NHS Fraud be stamped on and that if they refuse to release the info I will take them through the Judicial review process.
Today they write that they will reply before 16 December. So now I wait a little longer.

[EDITED BY Admin - Alleged added for legal reasons].

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