He is Me

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He is Me

Postby Ace-Lance » Sun Jun 12, 2011 3:00 am

How can i find the He, when i've Been She for so long. not sure how to go about Getting the world to see the Him I've kept hidden inside. knowing they have put him in Dresses and Skirts telling him to sit legs crossed and to not speak to loud. told to put everyone else first, try to keep a perfect house and find a man to care for. but not really seeing. i was a man in the making needing someone to care and listen to me. but I've kept him in chains and down so long not always sure he can really be the same again.especially when he's been beaten and kicked down. and left in a body that Everyone calls She. But He remains within. there is no She here. nor has there really ever been. Just a Wolf in sheep's clothing waiting for his time to pounce.

First thing I've been inspired to write in a little.
"If you Stand for Nothing, You will fall For anything"
"a Sound soul, Dwells within a Sound body, and a Sound mind."

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