High Heels can seriously damage your nose! Carol Vorderman

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Re: High Heels can seriously damage your nose! Carol Vorderm

Postby Christine » Sun Apr 07, 2013 9:52 pm

Jane_D_C wrote:Having just broken my arm in a cycling accident I am in no position to feel superior.

Nevertheless if I have learnt one thing in the last three years, it is: be extra careful in very high heels, especially on paving stones with gaps and on stairs. Go down them standing slightly to one side, facing the banister, AND HOLD THE BANISTER!

I did once wonder about trying to do my stair-walking exercise in heels so I could both exercise and get more used to heels in one swell foop.

Fortunately I realised it was perhaps not one of my more cunning plans before I discovered the hard way.

Bummer about your arm. :( "Get well soon" doesn't sound quite enough...

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