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Re: HollyOaks Transgender FTM Storyline

Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2011 2:22 pm
by Ice Maiden
Jason is being measured for a site for a wedding he is is to attend.


The tailor has no idea and says, "I thought it was two boys?"

This instant 'reading', that Jason looks like a girl still, crushes his spirit and he storms out after his mum has to measure his chest, and he is asked if his chest will be 'still 'strapped down' for the service?"

"Yes!" He replies indignantly.


Later his Brother catches up with him.

"Do you miss Jasmine?" Jason asks.

"A bit I miss a sister to talk to." Replies Seth.


Jason comments, "You know when you wake up from a dream and you are not sure if it is real or not."
Seth - "Yeah for about 5 seconds."
Jason - "That's like how I feel all the time."
Seth - "Weird!"

J - This wedding is going to be so humiliating.Mum whispering to anybody who doesn't already know! Like


I am some kind of family secret to be ashamed of.
S - "Are you seriously telling me you didn't see any of this coming?"
J - "Oh so I deserve this?"
S - "Oh comon its not exactly party time for the rest of us either!"
J - "Well I am sorry me living my life is so hard on you!"
S - "Look I am glad you did what you did but don't go back tracking now!"
J - "I'm not - i used to feel like running away, but now I think, what's the point? Cos at least here everyone knows I'm a freak!"
S - "Stop being such a girl!"

Jason laughs!

J - "Thanks! Sensitive!"
S - "See this is exactly why you can't talk to brothers."


Later after discussing their parents wedding, Jason calls Bart's voicemail and explains about the wedding how he feels and says he misses him.

Re: HollyOaks Transgender FTM Storyline

Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2011 10:57 am
by Ice Maiden
Seth (Jason's twin brother) has his eye on girl.

He approaches her in a cafe and is immediately rejected.


Later Jason speaks to her privately and suggests she is like some of the girls he knew when he was at an all girl's school. And that she should at least let him down lightly.

Later she arrives at Jason's home to return his MP3 player he left on the skate ramp when he was talking to her.


Hollyoaks doesn't really get enough credit for its camera work and direction here is a blink and you'd miss it moment where Seth's eyes are not where Jason's eyes are - interesting ;)

Whilst there Seth mentions he has a plus one for this elaborate celebrity footballers wedding and she says I'd do anything to go to that. Next scene they are kissing.

Job done by Jason or is she just using him?


Jason leaves the room with the best brother face I have seen him do when encouraging Seth to get on with it :)

Of course this week its far more about Jason's grandfather (and serial killer) who is going to be discovered soon. Will it be during the wedding maybe? Watch this space!

Re: HollyOaks Transgender FTM Storyline

Posted: Fri Aug 12, 2011 10:30 am
by Ice Maiden
Jason has a laugh with Seth over Seth calling him J-Dog. And jokes with him over Seth changing is desktop image to the new girl.

"So Seth you have replaced Rhianna then?"

Seth remarks that he has a plus one for the wedding and Jason will be a poor little singleton.


Later Bart calls Jason from a internet cafe, and he is broke. Jason was so excited about this he asks his mother for money for an upgrade when it is intended for Bart.

She refuses saying she'll go shopping with him as he will just waste it.

That evening Seth catches Jason with his hand in the pub till. "What are you doing?" "I am getting some money to help Bart."


"You go and I''ll tell mum and dad!"
"I need to be with him OK!"
"Tell her! I don't care!"
"He doesn't want yer he wants Sinead that's why he ran away with her!"
"Why did he call me?"
"Cos he knew you'd come running!"
"No it's because he needs me,"
"See you around bro."

And with that he leaves.

Re: HollyOaks Transgender FTM Storyline

Posted: Sun Aug 14, 2011 9:34 am
by Ice Maiden
Jason finally gets to the woods where Bart and Sinead are camping out.


Jason arrives like a hero with 80 quid and some loose change.

Sinead is upset that Bart called Jason.


Whilst Sinead is off to the swimming baths for a wash. Bart and Jason go for a walk.

It's clear that Jason is hoping to persuade Bart to come home but he is having none of it.

Not put off he says that he, "will hang out with you guys for a few days."

Sinead kisses Bart and they disappear into the tent for sex.


Jason is left feeling like a wallflower, and wanders off for a while, upon his return Sinead makes a meal out of the fact they have had sex and he is tired.

She hands him a ticket and tells him to leave in the morning.

Re: HollyOaks Transgender FTM Storyline

Posted: Tue Aug 16, 2011 3:21 pm
by Ice Maiden
Jason plays gooseberry in this tit for tat exchange between himself and Sinead.

Jason is binding his breasts but Sinead is aware that if he stays she may lose Bart.

So comments on him binding.


"Why don't you mind your own business!" Responds Jason.

Later Jason decides to leave but there are police hanging around the station so they return to camp.

Sinead begs Jason to leave.

Intense - Jason and Sinead

"He had his moment with Jasmine!"

"Don't say that name!" Retorts Jason.

He again tries to leave but Bart again asks him to stay.



Sinead is now worried that the man she loves is going to be lost and is already slipping away!