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Re: Blessing Chambers Hollyoaks Transgender Storyline Blog.

Posted: Sat Jul 19, 2014 4:08 pm
by Ice Maiden

Blessing's suspicions and maybe jealousy?! Only 8months till sex? Yeah right! :lol:

Blessing enters the shop where Dennis works.

Dennis is looking at flights on his laptop. When he sees Blessing he panics and slams it shut.

Dennis - "Hi Yah! I swear there are people in sweat shops laughing at the amount of hours I put in!"

Image e4

Blessing - "Dennis!"

Dennis - "Yeah?"

Blessing - "Are you frustrated that all we do is kiss?"

Dennis - "No! No I love kissing you!"

Image e4

Blessing (LOOKING SOLEMN) - "Its just that, this morning it felt like that you could not get away quick enough!"

"Dennis - Um...OK. OK. Um. You are the most beautiful person in any room ever. But, I'm finding the fact you're ...still...'INTACT' ...

[Note the cupping of balls hand gesture and facial expression. :roll: :noway: IM]

Image e4

... a bit unsettling. Waow, can you believe I rehearsed this?! Um...What...What I mean... is, I wanna, ut, uh, 'be' with yah, right, but, I know that's not possible until the operation!"

[EDITOR'S NOTE - And about 3 (for some 6 is wise!) months after it at least Dennis - so If they get that wrong it will turn this into a farce! IM].

Dennis - "So right now, just feels weird. (POINTS) I am an awful person aren't I?"

Blessing - "So you are not leaving me for another woman?"

Dennis - "Of course not! Of course I am not going to leave you, why, why would you say that?!"

Blessing - "Because, I don't believe anyone will wait 7 months for me."

Dennis - (JOKING) - "I am not going to lie to you love, I do get a lot of offers!"

Blessing - (SMILES) - Giggles.

Dennis - "I wouldn't swap you for anyone!"

Blessing - "Good, then trust me! It'll be worth it!"

Image e4

They kiss.

He gets a message saying - "Thank U 4 2day x."


OK 2 Major issues with this script.

1. Dennis arranging surgery for a third party - if this is indeed the case.

2. This in 7 months we can have full sex!

Let's start with issue 1 -
The flights can be of course one of two things, either he is arranging Blessing's surgery in Thailand? Or he is planning an escape route for Maxine. The 'surprising her with Thailand' would not work as they have waiting lists too! Plus the surgeon would likely need to liaise with Blessing's consultants and neither would speak to a third party (Dennis) about their patient - confidentiality - he is not even next of kin. So if it is Thailand this is a fudge! At this stage she would be better off waiting in the UK - if this is the case. But maybe they want to do a Holiday episode? I hope this is just a holiday, but I fear this is actually for her surgery.

As ITV's 'This Morning' showed a clip in their Soap Round-up of Blessing in a hospital Gown! So it looks like her surgery is not far off! We will keep an eye on all this.

Issue 2 -
The idea that Blessing will walk out of the hospital and straight into Dennis bedroom and have penetrative sex is absurd! Firstly even young healthy patients need a few months to heal sufficiently not least for infection risk and damage occurring. Many a 'post-op' transwoman has suffered because 'they couldn't wait'. In some cases horrifically with full prolapse of the neo-vagina. The truth is she will not feel like sex for some time. I would say a minimum of 3 months but sensibly and for long term health of the surgery site. 6 at least by then she can know it will not be damaging and scar tissue etc will be less of an issue. There are trans girls returning after a couple of months with 'granulation' so this is plain stupid misinformation and also dangerous. As it may put undue pressure onto couples where one has had surgery to have sex sooner than is safe to do so! This also applies to trans men with phalloplasty of course!

Time is required - she has waited this long, another few months will not make any difference.

But I fear she will be out 2 weeks and be swinging from the chandeliers! [yesss] :roll: :angeleyes: :| :o :shock: :wtf: :lol: And that's just plain silly.

So Dennis, even if she had her surgery in the next 6 weeks, you will still have to wait 7 months :P

This also feels more about Dennis wanting to get his rocks off with some proxy inflatable doll than Blessing's need for surgery.

This is a serious problem and is beginning to feel it has been ill advised - whoever is advising them either has not had surgery, or is reading fictional accounts, or is a lesbian (external pleasure is possible but it takes a while for the clitoris to settle down (infection risks still remain). Friction is the last thing she would want too soon on a surgery area, Dennis with a bed full of blood is about right if that happens. Even if you cut you finger you have a band-aid on it and it is sore for a couple of weeks! Would you want to spin plates with it or play music on the rims of wine glasses ;) So this is a minor example by comparison. Now make that 100 times worse and inside. And then someone is going to rub up and down against the wound area for 10 mins! - I just hope she takes the Morphine bag home with her that's all I can say ;) Maybe they will read this and tweak the outcome - if they don't then this will not go down well with people who know (no pun intended!).

After all there are other ways to have sex that would be more than satisfying for Dennis than kissing. [yesss]

Type 'Tr*nny' into google images Dennis - there is a whole world that has sex with girls with a penis.

It also does bother me a little that his view of a woman is someone without a penis. That's a very old fashioned view these days! Women have willies - get over it! Next stage of evolution due! :P :lol: :shrugs:

Re: Blessing Chambers Hollyoaks Transgender Storyline Blog.

Posted: Fri Jul 25, 2014 4:58 pm
by Ice Maiden

This week the story has shifted from 'being about Blessing' to rather Blessing and Dennis as a couple helping a female friend (Maxine) escape her abusive fiancé before her marriage date in a few days time!


Blessing at first assumes Dennis is having an affair as he is being secretive and then she finds a bra in the store!

She assumes the worse and becomes jealous of Maxine and almost blows the entire plan when she says I can give you some money to just leave!

Well they are trying to get her on a flight (that's the flight confusion from a previous post settled?) but again are short of money. Fortunately a gift from her husband to be, a diamond pendent necklace, is valuable, so she is getting Dennis to pawn it ASAP

As a cover Maxine asks Blessing to 'help her with her wedding dress'.


Maxine - "Will you help me with my wedding dress Blessing?"

This is straight out of Hayley Cropper in Coronation Street who made a few (but she was a seamstress as a job!). These forced femininity storylines for trans characters are trite now. That's disappointing - I mean why can't Dennis be the seamstress? And Blessing organise the escape? Plus its formulaic, in that a Transsexual helps with wedding dress, this is a sexist assumption - been done!

From my experience she is more likely to be a computer nerd :) (a lot of trans are). And could have done something snazzy regarding hacking into the fiancé's data and messing with it.


They are now planning her escape.

The 'mood wall' book of her wedding dreams is handed over to them both, inside there is a note that says, "When the Sunflower in her window is pointing outwards it is safe to visit her!"


All very cloak and dagger -


CIA anybody? - "When the Russian Bear growls the wolf will hand over the case!"

I imagine Dennis and Blessing with trilby hats on and long trench-coats passing encoded messages around.

I wish they'd stop pinching ideas from 'Coronation Street', as this demonstrates, that no progress has been made whatsoever in progressive transgender plots. Hayley also 'recently' helped Carla - when she was dying - with her wedding dress for her marriage to Peter!

I just feel they are all out of ideas, so stop treating Blessing as a transsexual and start treating her like a female member of the cast. The other female members don't have trans storylines.

But then what is the point of having a transsexual character eh? QED!

Re: Blessing Chambers Hollyoaks Transgender Storyline Blog.

Posted: Fri Aug 01, 2014 2:39 pm
by Ice Maiden
28 July - 01 Aug

Maxine's Escape

OK purely for logistical reasons I will skim over this week as it was about Maxine. Blessing and Dennis were peripheral characters in aiding Maxine to escape. I will obviously report more fully on Blessing and her forthcoming surgery etc...

OK, so the lottery win turns out to be accurate, but was hidden by another character so Blessing has her cash. But again she has to only wait what? 7 Months for the NHS? Will she really get her surgery that much quicker even if she pays for it right now? We shall see. If it is in the UK then this will be a bad idea as this is really choked up. Maybe a Thai surgeon with no one to operate on is available ;)

Anyways back to this week


Blessing and Dennis manage to get Maxine away from her brute of a partner. But the partner had put a knife in her holdall - he is a demon headmaster so probably knew she would try to escape? At the airport she was arrested and couldn't leave.

Somehow she managed to return home - very easy going up north! And no ban on air travel?

She married him after he promised to change (yeah don't they all?). But then the marks on Maxine's arms were seen at the reception to the horror of the guests - he denied the bruises on Maxine's arm we to do with him and rather were self-harm etc...

But then Maxine planned the escape again with the support of Dennis and Blessing's Money (for her air ticket).

Dennis naturally gushed all over Blessing (no pun intended) and said she was wonderful (AGAIN!) Dennis is starting to sound a bit insincere with these constant rooftop shouts about Blessing. #annoyed


Dennis - "Come here - I want to touch the most beautiful part of you!"
Blessing - "Dennis you are not copping a feel right now!"
Dennis - "No your big beautiful heart!"


I think Blessing may reconsider soon and leg it if he carries on like this - at least Roy Cropper was quiet ;)


Her ex boyfriend saved her from being beaten at Dennis' house where she was staying and a punch-up ensued. Then Maxine said, "I can't be with another man equally as brutal as the first!"




Maxine managed to leave.

So Maxine is last seen at the airport. Her ex-boyfriend who thumped her abuser was arrested by the police for assault. Can he make it to the airport on time? Well he sent Dennis to stop her...

Me thinks not.


Bye Maxine! On her second attempt!

Don't forget to write! (A cheque for Blessing!) :P

Re: Blessing Chambers Hollyoaks Transgender Storyline Blog.

Posted: Tue Aug 19, 2014 9:24 pm
by Ice Maiden

Blessing's Guilt

Blessing - "My favourite Boutique in the World is having a sample day! I am super excited!"


Dennis - "What about my campaign (for some other issue)."
Blessing - "When I walk out of that hospital this week after my op, I wanna be the most beautiful woman you have ever seen!"
Dennis - "Eh? What?! You could wear a bin liner and still be the most beautiful woman I have ever seen!"



Blessing to Dennis - You should see some of the bargains I have found I could do you a little fashion show later!



Dennis' campaign has made Blessing think twice about how much she misses her family and decides that she must see them and come out before her 'op'.


Meet the Parents

Dennis and Blessing go and visit the parents.


However they are shocked to find that the house is empty of furniture - the parents have moved.

It transpires that the parents simply ran out of money hiring private detectives to find their son and sold up to pay their debts after her father lost his job.


Blessing thinks it is more likely they have somehow found out and abandoned her.



Later she gets drunk goes to the toilet and begins self-harming again.





She speaks about her op like it is day surgery. When I walk out of the hospital this week?

She would likely be in the hospital for at least 4/5 days. During that time there would be healing time and that's fast now as they now use enemas the morning of the surgery. In the past you had to take laxatives.

Now after 3/4 days you get to do your firts dilation and the 'packing is removed. Tne you need at least another day or two to ensure you are going to the toilet. Constipation due to all the opiates is common place.

So she would likely go in the night before, have her surgery the next morning, then 5 days, then home and she would be bleeding still she would be sore, she would be completely knackered for a while. She would be dilating 3 times a day for at least 3 months. The twice a day then once then eventually probably after say 6 once a week.

Now this assumes there are no complications - there can be. fistulas, (tears between the rectum and neo-vagina - this can result in an additional 2 days. There can be infections. Granulation is especially common! I could go on. This is just an example.

But then we know what we are talking about ;)

All this and Blessing will be out looking fab the end of the week? Ready for sex with Dennis?

I do hope not, because this will seriously be the final nail in this storyline and the weak advice it has been given be whoever advises them.

Shame they never asked us.

I get the feeling so far they have looked at this for their advice or someone has :)
Read it! You will see Quagmire's Dad's Op kinda went in the same way ;) :roll: :noway:

Seriously it is essential that post-op trans woman are advising here. And women who have had surgery recently in the last 5 years. About is important to ensure people realise the risks associated with this. and the potential for problems. And of course regret!

If this is all treated like having your tonsils or appendix removed (both of those can go wrong and likely have resulted in deaths) then it will give transwomen false expectations and unrealistic and somewhat distressing outcomes - "Well Blessing never had any of these problems are you sure you know what you are doing Doc?!"

Anyways you can at least rely on me to set it all straight. And if those considering this path come ans speak to us as a result of this show then they will at least be in good hands! [yesss]

The team (and colleagues) here are some of the best advisors I know!

Re: Blessing Chambers Hollyoaks Transgender Storyline Blog.

Posted: Wed Aug 20, 2014 9:11 pm
by Ice Maiden

A Blessing Delay - op stops

Blessing visits the hospital the day before.


Dennis - It is just an MOT before your 'op'.


The Specialist Nurse/Doctor/GP/Surgeon and general medical dogsbody tells her that this is her last chance to change her mind. Has she not seen the two psychiatrists then?

I think she would have been better described as a 'Specialist Nurse' who works with the surgeon. As she is very similar to one in the NHS many of us are aware of. But this person is all things to all people.

Then there is the Party! Gotta have a Party!

It's Whitney Houston! I wanna dance with somebody - don't believe me? Check this out! ... mebody.jpg


Sausage on a stick anyone? :roll:

She then feels ill at the party...

After the break she is in a hospital bed!


OK I am pleasantly surprised, they have halted the process! And found a pretty good reason to do so. After all Soaps are about stringing out story lines and in this instance the longer the better!

In the last episode, Blessing was seen self-harming with a broken bottle in the toilets.

She has now contracted septicemia (a potentially life threatening condition that may even result in her death) AKA 'Blood-poisoning' and obviously her surgery cannot go ahead.


The Doctor (for that read Surgeon they are known as 'Ms' and 'Mr' btw in the UK HO) is concerned about the self-harming, and has asked she be released back to mental health for more counselling.


Blessing - There is a Hole there they have taken away my life.

Do they even proofread these scripts(?), as it is almost like a 'Freudian slip' a minute here!

This is an interesting twist. As it is the frustration of this whole issue that needs to be explored more. I just think the whole surgical story is a bit of a mess tbh and the writers need better advice! They need to try a little harder and speak to people with experience.

However, Blessing (the character) is clearly disappointed and so she should be, coming so close to her dream. Many transpeople have been delayed, some have even had surgeries cancelled for any number of reasons at the last minute. When a trans*person has waited so long, for then to be told they cannot have their surgery is nothing short of heart-breaking. A physical pain! Like your world has fallen apart!

In this instance as Blessing rolls over in tears at the news she hears her mother's voice.


(Gentle softly spoken) - Tyson?!


Her Mother has been found and is at the bedside.

This maybe some time for bonding and bowls of chicken soup, for Dennis to run around like a headless chicken with her slippers - or will it all fall apart?


Well Maybe someone has been listening? And put the brakes on all this and now having a rethink?

This was actually a good twist.

The way this 'op' story line was being handled was more than a bit odd. It almost seems to me this is the way a Thailand Hospital would go about caring for a surgical tourist rather than a UK clinic or NHS hospital - but in Chester? I bet I'm right! I suspect the advisor to the show is mistakenly using the Thai model to draw on as that makes more sense. Or maybe they are drawing on television programmes they have seen about surgery. Of course Thai hospitals have featured far more in documentaries than the more locked down NHS who often do not allow cameras into their clinics.

This is probably why it is so odd! The people advising are using the wrong frameworks.

Speak to us!

And there seemed to be a surgeon who called herself a doctor (again Thai Model), although a female Surgeon is topical as this has happened in Charing Cross recently. But she also seemed to be a referring Psychiatrist? Again a bit odd? Again this pre-surgery pep talk is a Thai Model. In the NHS 2 psychiatrists have already signed off their charge to the surgeon and they deal with the mechanics more than the mental health.

They also spoke of the MOT the day before? This is done weeks before, as MRSA swabs and so on are usually taken and need time to be cultured - you see this is all so strange!

This to me seemed more like preparation for a flu-jab than GRS!

The other 'convenience is this 'just around the corner' Chester hospital that specialises in this area. This will definitely mislead young people watching. Even the best clinics in the country are struggling under the weight of referrals!

This really should have been where the delays came from. Having to travel miles to see the docs in London for example. Not self-harming in toilets. They have already done that story anyway with Jason Costello!

Now, a minute to midnight, and the night before her surgery, she is out celebrating? She should be fasting! This again shows a bit of a cavalier script. I mean anyone who even has a full blood test is told 'nil by mouth' from the evening before, let alone a major invasive surgery. So this is just plain silly!

This show really needs to be more responsible in this regard. and speak to people who have either had surgery recently (IN THE UK) or pay an NHS surgeon at say Charing Cross to advise them properly as to the protocols and structures they need to follow - this MUST be more accurate. Just because a person they speak to is trans does not mean they have the first clue about these things. From all this I am sorry to say they are way off the mark!

The self-harm storyline is also misleading. I can honestly say I have never cut my arms in my life - other than by accident - even at my lowest ebb. Some do of course but to roll this storyline out twice with two different transsexuals MTF and FTM is giving misinformation as it is just as likely people will not self-harm. For this reason they should have gone in another direction this time. That's now going to worry parents that their kids might be trans if they cut themselves.

I can't help but get the feeling the person or persons advising are better qualified to talk about self-harm than they are about GRS. Or the story has been polarised by self-harm.


A similar issue occurred 2 years ago with Hollyoaks and the then Jason FTM storyline where he was cutting his arms as well.

Here is the moment this happened. In actual fact that was a far better storyline than this - but he was not ready for a phalloplasty at that point.

Read the whole of the Jason Costello Storyline right here on Transgender Zone



They seem to have a psychologist or counsellor on the staff who leans this way maybe?

I think we could have advised so much better here.