'Hollyoaks' tackle Gender Dysphoria

Place to discuss the FTM character in Hollyoaks British (UK) Teen Soap Drama
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Re: 'Hollyoaks' tackle Gender Dysphoria

Postby Ice Maiden » Wed Jul 07, 2010 8:08 am

wouldnt bother me

perhaps when someone trans or not is totally stable in their skin and devoid of all chips etc they can crossdress

men do crossdress you know - we are always seeing it and commenting on it doesnt make them a 'cd' its just a role - they are men so why cant trans men do the same? If they cant what is stopping them whats in there that bio men dont have? I think this is maybe a very liberating thing to do and perhaps interesting as an experiment - as to be so hostile to it even after one has transitioned maybe pathological. I mean actors wear makeup - does this mean an FTM would reject that too?

Neil Morrisey has played a number of roles that have involved crossdressing as have many others hes a man and married with kids yet he can also play a man behaving badly and is seen as a 'lad' with a pub and a brewery too what does he have and ftm doesnt? Hes and actor and acts the roles given to him as professional ftm actor would think the same i feel. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neil_Morrissey
Two films immediately to hand that has him crossdressing are Hunting Venus, and an episode where he crossdressed in Carrie & Barry, cant imagine him saying ewww i am not doing that, The new actress in hollyoaks certainly didnt have a problem with it - not being prepared to act may have a seriously influence on an FTM actor thats for sure ;)P

that said they could have got someone similar looking to have played the girl role first and then switched the actors and voices - this happened in the movie second serve - as the voice was made a little deeper than the original actresses voice

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