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Disc Number 6

Postby Ice Maiden » Tue Oct 12, 2010 4:02 pm

Directory of I:\Trans Video Archives\Digital DVD Video Cature (more recent)\Disc 6

aprilashleyinterview BBC world .. 1,695,876 24/06/2006
Rare April Ashley Recording from the BBC World Service

bigbrothersamhousematesdiscu.. 4,404,754 31/05/2006
samonbigbrothermay2006.mpg 86,423,556 31/05/2006
samthemay2006bigbrotherclip... 6,355,320 31/05/2006
Big Brother
Often forgotton was Big Brother 7 (2006) Sam she only lasted 2 weeks and was read the moment she came in. Perhaps lost in the light of Nadias shadow she was a lovely person and deserved to last longer in the show :) This is the footage of her stay.

Bounty Kitchen Roll April 2005.mpg 41,531,396 07/04/2005
Nuff said about these Plenty (nee Bounty) Kitchen Roll ads the better.

bramwell.zip 12,924,137 11/10/2006
transvestite in London's homosexual underworld.

from guys to dolls.zip 12,230,857 24/06/2006

heaven and earth 2006 sw.zip 8,267,805 24/09/2006
Stephen Whittle appears on Heaven and Earth Show BBC1 (2006)

LITTLE BRITAIN SKETCH ROBBIE.. 159,850,500 12/03/2005
Robbie Williams Crossdresses

sarahswedding.zip 3,970,755 12/06/2006
TV Short about the Marriage of TS Sarah and Neil

saturdaylivePollyConroyY.mp3 5,160,456 13/11/2006
saturdaylivePollyConroyY.zip 5,116,834 13/11/2006
Saturday Live Polly Conroy
Radio Interview with transgender woman in the shadow of the Russel Reid case

TEENAGETRANSEXUALS2004.avi 403,901,540 06/11/2004
Documentary exploring some of the feelings and problems encountered by various eight to eighteen year olds with gender dysphoria - whereby they feel they are the opposite sex to that which there bodies actually are.

trisha sex change show.rm 6,031,500 07/11/2006
trishasexchangeshow.zip 5,940,736 07/11/2006

trans silent movie.rm
Spoof based on a program about a crossdresser in a mental asylum

tv school.zip 19,400,353 06/10/2006

willy12.jpg 57,335 30/05/2006

29 file(s) found
Total file size 931,482,323 bytes
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