Disc Number 5

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Disc Number 5

Postby Ice Maiden » Tue Oct 12, 2010 3:35 pm

Directory of I:\Trans Video Archives\Digital DVD Video Cature (more recent)\Disc 5

Big Mommas House

Bill Baily Black transsexual gag.. 103,245,092 29/05/2009

Boys Will Be Girls
bwbg.rm 33,440,402 30/08/2006
bwbg.zip 32,953,921 30/08/2006

dr who quote.zip 648,700 08/04/2007

It's A Boy Girl Thing

lucy the teenage transsexual 27307... 218,237,608 28/03/2007
Lucy: Teen Transsexual

Simpsons Shemales and Ladyboys gags

VIDEO Dian Parry (May 30) 00.. 714,768,384 30/05/2006

VIDEO NELSONS NAVY FTM.zip 731,382,984 29/08/2005
Rum, Sodomy and the Lash (TV 2005)
Features stories and accounts of FTM transmen living and even captaining HM Ships

24 file(s) found
Total file size 7,055,581,358 bytes

Directory of I:\Trans Video Archives\Digital DVD Video Cature (more recent)\Disc 5\The Change Radio Programme

The Change
Sitcom about a troubled hormonal wife and a transvestite husband (RADIO)
One of the few shows to actuall allow WOBS women of the Beaumont Society to take part as an actual help line advisor in the script. Diane A did a great job and it was nicely done - this is from it forst time around including photos from the recordings of the cast - however it is still available on iplayer as it has just been rereleased recenlty and re broadcast

README.txt 452 08/12/2004
Recording Photo1.jpg 709,387 01/11/2004
Recording Photo2.jpg 650,212 01/11/2004
Recording Photo3.jpg 650,657 01/11/2004
TheChange1.mp3 27,313,531 08/12/2004
TheChange2.mp3 27,235,790 08/12/2004
TheChange3.mp3 13,522,341 08/12/2004
TheChange4.mp3 27,164,737 08/12/2004
TheChange5.mp3 27,291,797 08/12/2004
TheChange6.mp3 27,069,443 08/12/2004

We made this copy for the Beaumont Society Library

10 file(s) found
Total file size 151,608,347 bytes
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