Disc Number 4

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Disc Number 4

Postby Ice Maiden » Tue Oct 12, 2010 3:19 pm

Directory of I:\Trans Video Archives\Digital DVD Video Cature (more recent)\Disc 4

lbcomicrelife.wmv 2,539,038 18/03/2009
comic relief.wmv 15,572,857 18/03/2009
comicrelife3.wmv 3,608,056 18/03/2009
Bundle of trans related clips from Little Britain on Comic Relief

Episode of the IT Crowd on Channel 4 featuring transsexual April - mistaken identity and trans panic leads to the boss seriously assaulting her through a broken window

PETER KAYE Single featuring Geraldine.. 406,481,748 14/12/2008

janettmeetsruby.avi 5,744,640 02/12/2008
Janett Scott ex President of the Beaumont Society Meets Ruby Wax

Harry Hill's TV Burp HAYLEY transsexual mockery.. 5,795,554 18/03/2009

MrsIn-Betweeny .wmv 662,841,946 06/03/2008

Trans The Building Inspector.. 273,468,670 01/06/2009
Cutting Edge
The Building Inspector Is Coming
The programme also meets the homeowners trying to improve their homes while satisfying the regulations - from the pregnant mother whose builder has left her with a new roof that the building inspectors say 'can't be saved', to the pre-op transsexual who has spent 15 years gutting his terraced house without applying for building regulation approval, and leaving all but one room uninhabitable, because he wants a palace 'fit for a princess'.
http://www.channel4.com/programmes/the- ... /episode-1

Why Men Wear Frocks.wmv 40,679,059 23/05/2009
Why Men Wear Frocks
One of the few programmes presentd by a trans person
Grayson Perry makes a pretty good job of investingating the world of trangender people Grayson who is also a self described transvestite meets other trans people at various locations and regular folk to see if there is any common ground rather than just extremes.

19 file(s) found
Total file size 3,868,039,300 bytes
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