Disc Number 3

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Disc Number 3

Postby Ice Maiden » Tue Oct 12, 2010 3:07 pm

Directory of I:\Trans Video Archives\Digital DVD Video Cature (more recent)\Disc 3

The Apprentice transwoman mocked by team member.avi 983,968,266 06/06/2009
apprenticeweek8.jpg 35,000 06/06/2009

DIFFERENT STROKES - HIJIRA -.. 113,426,676 25/03/2009
Different Strokes Hijra
Community Channel production follows the life of a Indian Eunuch.

Frank skinner on preop transseual .wmv 20,318,730 18/03/2009

Moving Wallpaper Series 2 Episode 4 'Renaissance'
ITV1 HD 564,380,453 15/06/2009
Jonathan brings in a supposedly hot shot writer called George who is a pre-op transsexual. The staff writers feel usurped and go on strike. Jonathan's lack of tactfulness towards George's situation means that soon he has no writers at all.
This is an archived HD version taken from ITV HD at the time of broadcast and of course due to it's content is a very important benchmark to have in our archives.
Possibly the most offensive television programme ever to be broadcast on British Television featuring a transsexual character. Created over 150 complaints and led to an OFCOM investigation, The program was not found guilty - to this day we cannot understand why.
The episode of Moving Wallpaper broadcast on 20 March 2009, in which a transsexual script writer was made the butt of a series of jokes, was described by groups representing transgendered people as transphobic and likely to encourage hate-crime and discrimination against transgendered people.[18] Ofcom, the UK broadcast media watchdog, received 100 complaints over the episode and launched an investigation to see if any broadcasting codes were breached. ITV and the programme were cleared by Ofcom in June 2009.

Peter Kay - Raider of the Popcharts.. 787,781,095 08/06/2009
Features his mockumentary of pop star Transsexual 'Geraldine'

Transvestite Wives Sky Three.. 549,222,366 08/06/2009
http://skyplayer.sky.com/vod/content/SK ... ilsPage.do

12 file(s) found
Total file size 5,218,087,804 bytes
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