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Disc Number 2

Postby Ice Maiden » Tue Oct 12, 2010 2:28 pm

Directory of I:\Trans Video Archives\Digital DVD Video Cature (more recent)\Disc 2

Boys Don't Cry 1999
Oscarwinning biopic about the story of the life of Brandon Teena, a transgendered teen who preferred life in a male identity until it was discovered he was born biologically female.

drwhoquoteoftheweek80407.zip 648,700 08/04/2007

IT CROWD TS AND PETER KAYE S.. 406,481,748 14/12/2008

Ladies Man Doctors BBC 23rd .. 107,800,258 24/04/2009
Crossdresser struggles to tell wife
23rd April 2009

Ma vie en Rose.zip 729,392,898 16/06/2005

MR MISS WORLD 1947.zip 666,593,258 19/04/2007
http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sh ... e25459.ece

Paul Merton Indian Eunuchs O.. 253,257,164 19/10/2008

Peter Kay Got the Pop Factor.. 1,096,484,896 19/10/2008

PLUS ONE TRANSGENDER (BIG NIPS GAG).. 312,678,081 10/01/2009

Pregnant Man .wmv 634,807,226 14/12/2008
Exclusive documentary featuring Thomas Beatie - history's first pregnant man - and his wife, Nancy, through the final weeks of his pregnancy, the landmark birth of their child and their eventual return home.

Sex op delayed .WMV 447,010 27/03/2007
National News Story

SMAv25409.zip 9,937,165 25/04/2009
Snog Marry Avoid BBC Three 25th April 2009 (TRANNIES TERMs used)

trans abuse Mar09 .zip 1,998,096 14/03/2009
Grown Ups BBC Three

The World's Worse Sex Change Surgeon .zip 35,484,990 11/04/2007
Documentary about mal practice on transsexual patients

tontv.zip 94,255,891 18/03/2009
series of abusive clips from our archives
tranontv.wmv 95,232,155 18/03/2009

TRANSGENDERGAG.wav 8,568,876 10/01/2009

Trantasia - Las Vegas Transsexual pageant.. 1,492,459,824 11/10/2010

trishia sex change lotto dad.. 5,125,101 04/04/2007

Which Sex Am I.wmv 667,844,540 27/10/2008
Which Sex Am I?
Is it a boy or a girl? It's the first thing a mother wants to know after giving birth. Sometimes doctors can't answer. One in 500,000 of babies are born with genitals with some degree of ambiguity. They are not clearly male or female. These children are categorised as intersex, a group that includes many conditions, each one a group of its own.
Jacob was born in the Philippines 16 months ago. Doctors call him a hermaphrodite because he was born with organs of both sexes – a penis, testes and a uterus. We join him in LA, where he has been taken by the charity Mending Kids International to undergo surgery. The complexities involved in intersexuality are reflected in Jacob’s story. Having already undergone a heart operation he struggles to survive a life threatening lung infection. Despite all this, his mother, Joahn, is determined that her son has yet another operation for doctors to discover if he has testicles and/or ovaries.
His mother now has the agonising task of deciding what sex Jacob should be. She thinks he should be a boy, but is anxious about whether it is the right choice … What if he's unhappy as a man and he blames her?
Meet Tiziana from Italy. At 24 she has found out that, genetically, she is a man. Tiziana has a condition called Androgyn Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS). She was born with male chromosomes, testes and no uterus but externally her genitals look completely female. She was diagnosed with the condition at the age of 15, but her parents kept it secret from her. She underwent an operation to remove her undescended testes and at the advice of the doctors her parents lied to her, telling her that the operation was to remove her uterus due to cancer. Today, Tiziana's relationship with her mother has broken down. Now she has decided to meet her mother for a showdown.
wsai(as above but zipped).zip 35,851,821 27/10/2008

25 file(s) found
Total file size 8,617,431,607 bytes
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