Tape Number 17

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Tape Number 17

Postby Ice Maiden » Thu Aug 26, 2010 6:46 pm

Directory of I:\Video Capture\18.Tape 1998/1999

40 Minutes Fay Presto illusionso.. 616,675,497 23/08/2010
Documentary about Fay Presto Transsexual Illussionist
The '40 Minutes' documentary 'Illusions of Grandeur' showing Fay in all aspects of her home and professional life, produced the most positive response that the BBC has ever had from the public and is considered one of the best ever in the series. It has been shown everywhere from Europe to Australia.

A Bear's Tail FTM Davina McCall .. 486,160,521 19/08/2010
Davina McCall and Leigh Francis play an FTM and an MTF and get married - unfortunately the terminology and way this was written was rather abusive to the community for laughs

Absolutely Fabulous Patsy as FTM in Casablanca i.. 14,261,769 23/08/2010
Short sequence showing that Patsy was a man for a year - until it dropped off!

Early Bounty Kitchen Roll Ads Audry and.. 7,917,625 19/08/2010

FTM Teen Rick Schoolboy.wmv 91,471,533 24/08/2010
Rick was the flavour of these few years he traveled to Holland with a gang of FTMs and parents to find out more about his 'condition' and this particular episode was a catch up on how all these guys were doing since that first show

Heart of The Matter More Sexes Please.. 602,611,179 22/08/2010
Very good program this Stephen Whittle does his walk to camera turn as the presenter of an entire program about life as a transgender person and formulates a very cogent argument in the face of some very abusive studio guests hosted by the 'thinking mans crumpet' Joan Bakewell

Hunting Venus.wmv 1,453,126,553 21/08/2010
A good job of playing a TS my Neil Morrissey

Johnny Vaughn Film Review Ma Vie e.. 50,214,591 26/08/2010
Film Review Very positive about Ma vie en Rose

Kilroy I want to Change My Sex.wmv 418,239,003 19/08/2010
Usual Studio discussion featuring familliar faces of the era

Kilroy Transsexuals.wmv 612,307,395 26/08/2010
Another Kilroy

Late and Loud Drag Kings Del La grace.. 323,972,825 24/08/2010
Quite shocking abuse targeted at a group of drag kings who sat and were questioned by what can only be classed as rabble - a kin to the lions den/gladiators
Del LaGrace Volcano does a sterling job of standing up for hir lads (no pun intended) ;)

Ricki lakeTS.wmv 21,997,949 23/08/2010

Sex Warriors and the Samurai Phillipines.. 412,654,847 25/08/2010

Tarrant on TVTransAd.wmv 8,677,643 23/08/2010
Tarrent on TVJerrySpringerTSma.. 34,006,219 23/08/2010

17 file(s) found
Total file size 5,230,467,779 bytes
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