Tape Number 16

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Tape Number 16

Postby Ice Maiden » Thu Aug 26, 2010 6:20 pm

Directory of E:\Video Capture VHS Tapes\16.Tape

All The Queens Men Eddie Izzard.. 1,495,039,505 15/08/2010

Boy George 'She was Never He' Performance.. 54,590,691 28/08/2010

CharlottevonMahlsdorf-Gaytim.. 99,935,723 27/08/2010

2 episodes of Chicago Hope Hospital Drama and 1 Episode of ER Tran.. 265,131,491 30/08/2010
Transexual comes out to doctor boyfriend and he leaves her, and another Transsexual jumps off the roof of the hospital building =|
http://tv.yahoo.com/chicago-hope/show/w ... sode/33655

Christina Heart The Warehouse 90s Chat show with jokes?.. 186,305,691 25/08/2010
Transgender Women with throat cancer desperately wants to be legally recognised, hardline Christian fundamentalist tears her to pieces - very unpleasant with a mocking audiance hosted by Lowri Turner.

Drag Torch Singer.wmv 76,039,177 26/08/2010
At least she sang the song and didnt mime - i think - did Judy Garland (I think)

Drag Torch Song Singer.wmv 52,326,637 24/08/2010
Same as a bove invited on This morning in male garb - seems every impersonation he did was Shirley Bassey regardles of the singer LOL

Female Body Builder Sterroids.wmv 91,863,537 26/08/2010
Interesting due to its FTM issues and 'T'

FTM and MTF couple Janeen Newham and David Willis.wmv.. 58,982,787 29/08/2010

La Cage Aux Folles Film Original... 1,371,940,703 23/08/2010
Original and the best French with English Subtitles

Miss p*ssy Irish Drag Queen at home.. 53,846,673 16/08/2010
The gothic lair of Miss p*ssy - enough said ;)

Oprah women dressed as men for a day.. 607,187,279 18/08/2010
Very good view of men trying to be guys who don't wanna be em'

Police Regional Crimes unit Hate Crime Panel.. 40,366,367 24/08/2010

Quentin Crisp Interview Gaytime TV.. 216,250,369 28/08/2010
Rare and useful reference

Richard O' brien Gaytime TV Rocky Horror creator.. 63,670,895 27/08/2010
Rare and useful reference

Sex o' chang o' poem cartoon 1994.wmv 64,654,919 24/08/2010

Thanks a bunch Lord Ormrod Pamela Jane Hunt April Ashley Interview.wmv.. 405,038,659 31/08/2010
Interview and documentary about the ruling made in the early 70s Cornbett Vrs Corbett that led to transsexual limbo for 30 years

The Warehouse FTM proposes to MTF hosted by LowriTurner.. 112,400,005 29/08/2010
Started out well but ended up - i dunno all a bit uncomfortable

Vanessa, 94 transsexual marred abroad.wmv.. 122,336,233 16/08/2010

XY WOMEN.wmv 461,447,979 01/09/2010
Television Programme, BBC2, (1996) Dark Secrets: XY Women

20 file(s) found
Total file size 5,899,355,320 bytes
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