Dating a transgender woman & need advise please

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Dating a transgender woman & need advise please

Postby David » Sun Dec 10, 2017 10:13 am

Hello all. Need some dating advise. I’ve been dating a beautiful transgender woman for a short time now. We’ve been on 4 wonderful dates now. I really enjoy being with her and am really falling for her. In a short time I’ve come to care for her very much. And from everything she communicates the feeling is mutual.
Our level of intimacy on dates has progressed from hand holding to deep and passionate kissing. I can only assume that sometime soon we will take the next step in our physical relationship.
So my “worry” is that before we take that next step she may ask (I really have no idea if she will) if I have ever been with a transgender woman before? The honest answer is yes and the even more honest answer is yes in a p4p encounter. Hence, my hesitation is being completely truthful. Any advice on how the handle a situation like this?
Best regards.

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Re: Dating a transgender woman & need advise please

Postby Steffi » Sun Dec 10, 2017 12:56 pm


- we're don't really do dating here so it's unusual to get a query like yours. :-)

- is she a transsexual? Post-op? I really have zero advice to give if she's a bi-crossdresser - it's just outside my experience.

I presume that p4p means Pay for Pleasure? So you hired a trans-hooker?

It's difficult anyway because the answer depends on her, on her views and personality.
In general the truth is best because it means that no nasty surprise will suddenly jump out later when feelings are running deeper.

Dunno if I'd admit to a hooker though.
You could perhaps leave that part out and tell it as a one-night-stand.

TVChix is a trans-dating site and it has a forum and Chat facility. Perhaps someone there might have some input. :-)
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