Need help and support

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Need help and support

Postby Bmorgan94 » Wed Jun 07, 2017 8:02 pm

Hello everyone,

Boy by birth but if not all then most of my life i just didnt feel that i was supposed to be a boy. Ive always felt different about myself for what i was given by birth. I haven't been happy nor have i have been happy about myself. Ive been afraid to open up to others because of the fear of not being accepted for what i believe i am. I have opened up to my wife and my sister and they support me. There has been numerous times where suicide was attempted from not being accepted by others in my life for the way i occasionally portrayed myself for being me. I have come to a final conclusion to work into starting HRT mtf transition. I just worry how that will work with my current work sistuation. I am working on getting my CDL and drive for C.R.England. i believe while im travelling cross country i would start the transition however i dont know where to go about to start... I need help and support. I want to be happy again, i hate going day by day in depression from supressing my true self.

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Re: Need help and support

Postby Steffi » Thu Jun 08, 2017 2:32 pm

Hi and Welcome :-)

Making a decision to start transition is often difficult and reached only as a last resort.
The quality of our help and advice will be a lot better if you can give us a little information about yourself.

Your location? (Country, State)
Your approximate age?
Clarify - you have sometimes been dressing as female? In secret? Did you go out?

It is good that you have emotional support from your wife and sister. Also, having females to help and advise on clothes etc is a big help.

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