Trans DIY

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Trans DIY

Postby KP! » Tue Nov 01, 2016 12:26 pm

Thanks to everyone in the online community who has inadvertently ruined my family. Advising vulnerable young people to try "trans diy" when there are qualified doctors, psychologists out there to help people transition safely. But instead the online community advises bending the law and breaking family support for those who need it the most. Thanks to the community who have taken Chris away from me the person who I have grown up with. I want Chris to be happy and supported but now that is getting more and more unlikely.

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Re: Trans DIY

Postby Steffi » Tue Nov 01, 2016 1:25 pm

What ??

Are you just venting at some notional "online trans community" ? Or do you have reason to cite THIS site specifically?
- because the idea that "we all know each other" is as widespread as it is ludicrous.

In the unlikely event that "Chris" got advice of questionable worth from THIS site then give me a link to their Username here and I will review the conversations/advice in our records and respond to any specific matters arising.
If the person did not get this questionable advice here from us then randomly turning your ire on us is pointless, unfair and ineffective.

* The policy here is to encourage people to go through the available channels - unless that is virtually impossible.
* We advise people to seek hormone treatment through their GP and the GIC.
- at the same time, we consider it a lesser evil to have links to reliable sources of hormones for self-medication rather than leave desperate people to buy unreliable products from unknown sources.
* We never advise people to break contact with family or any other support.

If the person concerned is a minor then we would be extremely cautious and would put them in touch with a proper authority specialising in the young.
- if the person concerned is an adult ......then their decisions are not ours to criticise - nor yours.

In any case we do not in general urge people along the road to transition.
If you have a specific complaint about advice posted here on THIS website, then please link me to the problem thread and I assure you that I will review it and respond. :-)
Contact me privately via "steffi AT transgenderzone DOT com" Click to see Who I am

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