Birthday Boy Film

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Birthday Boy Film

Postby Bdayboy » Tue Apr 09, 2019 1:03 am

Hello! ☺️

We are a young LGBTQ+ crew creating a short film about a Trans boy who celebrates his birthday through online gaming, away from the bullying he faces at an all girls school. He overcomes the bullying however and it is ultimately an uplifting story that positively portrays a Trans character. This story is inspired by someone very close to me, it doesn’t just focus on his transition, but is instead a normal storyline that happens to feature a Trans character.

We were selected by The National Film and Television School in London to be a part of their collaboration with Kickstarter. It’s our first time crowdfunding and we are really excited to share this with you.

It’s so rare to have a Transgender protagonist, and even more so for that character to be female to male. We feel so passionate about creating more positive visibility for Transgender people and will also be casting a Trans Actor for the role.

We would be so grateful for any support. Our crowdfunding campaign is live until 2nd May. Please take a look at our page, make a pledge if are able to do so, or share our project to spread the word!

Thank you for reading this.

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