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Postby Jane_D_C » Sun Nov 28, 2010 9:28 pm

I am 54 years old, and transitioned MtF in April 2010. I am pre-op and began hormones in August 2010. As time goes on, I become more certain that I want the SRS yesterday.

I’ve wanted to be a girl for as long as I can remember, and became depressed and suicidal enough to see a doctor at age 22. When he asked if there was any reason why I was depressed, I bottled out of saying, “I think I’m a transsexual,” although I knew perfectly well that gender was at the root of my depression.

Three years later I did tell my GP this, and got referred to a specialist psychiatrist, who did not believe me. So my transition went nowhere.

Instead I got married. It worked for 25 years. I had a daughter and hugely enjoyed parenthood, though I would have preferred to be the mother not the father. Marriage was OK, but I lost control of my increasingly urgent need to be female. I did not want to lose my wife to this but I did.

My parents & daughter are supportive, and I have lost very few friends. My business has suffered from the exit of my wife – she & I were business partners. I now have to try to re-build this business (doing mathematical engineering).

I moved into a bachelor-girl pad in August 2010, and am now in ‘stealth’ mode – the neighbours appear not to have guessed. I am not in a relationship and feel that I can’t really experiment with sex as a woman without a female(ish) body.

My treatment path is through the NHS and Dr Richard Curtis.

Otherwise I am active in the Jewish community of East Anglia, and an amateur astronomer. I have published one astronomy book as John, and my editor is chasing me to do a book as Jane. My local astronomy club did not turn a hair when I showed up to give a talk as Jane. Indeed the women members have been extremely welcoming of the new me.

The Jews have been great about my transition.

My social life generally has blossomed. I have made many new woman friends and even reinforced a few friendships with men.
Proud to be feminine

E-mail: jane@transgenderzone.com

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