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Postby hideous_penguin_boy » Sat Nov 27, 2010 3:24 pm

Hideous_Penguin_Boy is 30 years old. He first became aware of being trans in his early to mid teens and sought medical help at 19. He transitioned aged 20, and the following year had chest surgery with Dai Davies, privately. He has looked into lower surgery but has not proceeded due to other health problems.

HPB worked for the NHS for 5 years post-transition before embarking on a course of study in a related discipline. He hopes to complete his degree next year and then resume his career in healthcare.

HPB lives in the north of England with his wife.

Additionally, he would like the reader to note that his username 'hideous penguin boy' is in homage to a character in a Tim Burton book, of which he is a fan, and is therefore not to be considered evidence of low self-esteem. :)

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