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Amanda is a cisgender (non-trans) woman who lives in Scotland with Mike (aka Mole) who is a trans man. They have been together for eleven years. Amanda has an MSc in Psychological Studies and would like to be a clinical psychologist some day. She has had her paper on mate selection of partners of trans people published in The Qualitative Report.

As well as being an admin at Tzone Amanda currently has numerous voluntary roles: support worker for people with cystic fibrosis, moderator at Depend forum for partners of trans people and simulated patient at the University of Glasgow. Amanda is also one of the community group leaders at Me & T Monthly - a peer support group for the family, friends and partners of trans people.

Amanda identifies as qu*er femme or lesbian. She came out when she was 15. Her family and friends are very supportive of her and Mole.

In her spare time Amanda enjoys reading, playing the Playstation, listening to music, indoor climbing, going to gigs and festivals and spending time with her little brother. She is also a member of women's drumming band SheBoom.
Who am I?:

Me & T: Me & T Monthly is a peer support group for the family, friends and partners of trans people.

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