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(who started this weird thing of talking in the third person? I feel like Ted Nugent - and that can never be good)

Steffi is Stephanie Elizabeth ****** (+original surname)
She transitioned in her fifties, attended the GIC at CX and had her surgery there by Mr Bellringer. She is pleased with the result functionally and cosmetically (see 18+ forums for pics) The entire process from first talking to GP to being in the CX operating theatre took almost exactly 3 years.
She is not a good Pass though shrinking from 6 feet tall to 5'10 during transition has helped. Despite this she is almost universally treated/accepted as female by all but the occasional yob.
She functioned well in the prior male role and no-one suspected her issues with gender.
After a score of girlfriends, at age 23 she settled into a 30+ year marriage which only ended when she transitioned in 2007. She has no children.
Her parents and family accepted her transition and she still has a close frienship with her ex, though is now shunned by her two stepdaughters.
She has no trade, profession or qualification and worked in a series of unskilled and semi-skilled jobs of fairly short duration and interspersed with frequent periods of unemployment.
She never had much ambition and ran away from Life by absorbing herself in her obsession with playing the guitar.
She ran a small recording studio from age 25 to 36 and had a pop/rock covers band on the road from age 36 to age 49 until she lost all desire to play, folded the band and sank into depression until transition. She still has all her guitars and equipment including a nice little studio in her council flat but no longer plays.

Before and after
Steffi the TV aged 25
Coming out and brief history of my transness
Musing on my past
musing on Transition and pivotal moments
Contact me privately via "steffi AT transgenderzone DOT com" Click to see Who I am

To those who understand, I extend my hand
To the doubtful I demand, take me as I am
Not under your command, I know where I stand
I won't change to fix your plan, Take me as I am (Dreamtheatre - As I Am)

my trans-ness viewtopic.php?f=40&t=5401&p=45640#p45351

Some (mostly rough) tracks of my prior life as a guitarist up on You-Tube, if you want to check them out ... zkA/videos

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