The Top 20 Programs you cannot do without!

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The Top 20 Programs you cannot do without!

Postby Ice Maiden » Fri Jan 03, 2014 4:06 pm

I recently wiped my C: Drive (after backing all the folders up externally of course).

However when it came to starting again, I became quite harsh about what I was going to put back on the machine.

At Transgender Zone we have a seperate TV studio set-up you can see that here

But I still edit the archives and all the ext HHD are connected to this on USB Hubs on this machine - my day-to-day Dell :) So I needed Vegas Video Editing.

So my Top Programs are

1. Windows 7 (Windows 8 is naff). And system software like AMA Catalyst etc obviously.
2. Roxio CD/DVD Creator (for my TV media back-ups).
3. A screen capture program and an audio capture program like Audacity. As I need to be able to capture things online that I may miss from Media Center. Also needed for the Support group to show the screen to the crew.
4. Video Converting program - using vegas is not always possible as some formats are not recognised.
5. Paintshop pro (the old one 10 - the rest are cr*p), Photoshop (rarely used) Dreamweaver - a must have and word.
6. Animated Gif program.
7. Manga cartooning program to use with my Wacom Tablet. Although many use photoshop, I prefer Manga as its easier to use for those of us without a degree in art ;)P
8. Comodo firewall. Avast AV and Lockhunter.
9. I am mining virtual currency atm so minining Litecoin :) so thats another bit.
10. Skype and Microsoft Lifecam/Lifechat.
11. FTP software (obviously).
12. Frontpage - an old friend that although tired as an HTML editor its still a great way to examine code if you are lazy.
13. Disk management software. Like HD Tune. Tuneup Utilities.
14. DVR-MS To edit clips from converted DVR files.
15. AOL Desktop. Have no choice :)
16. Adobe Acrobat. And Flash for all browsers.
17. Mosoft freecalc - a great alternative to the Microsoft Windows Calculator.
18. All major browsers - IE, SAFARI, FIREFOX,CHROME - TO test tzone.
19. A sticky notes style reminder program that is very important. (Like Notzilla).
20. World cup Snooker 2005 (and new games as an when). WCS 2005 has never been bettered! I have second life on another machine as it doesn't seem very happy on this one :P

Plus a few more odds and ends - but this is a basic set up for me to be able to function in what I do :)P
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