Internet Explorer Browser Exploit - Fix it Now!

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Re: Internet Explorer Browser Exploit - Fix it Now!

Postby Christine » Thu Nov 28, 2013 5:37 am

I can't remember the last time I used IE. Well apart from a public computer that is. I use mainly Firefox and increasingly Chromium which is useful as there's the very very occasional site where something won't load in FF. A switch to Chromium usually fixes that. I also have Midori which is very lightweight on my laptop but thats very similar to FF. I can understand why things still need to be tested on IE though. What ever happened to Netscape? Gosh that was a long time ago now!
Netscape was the casualty in the "browser wars", the outcome of which was years of the bloody awful Internet Explorer 6, possibly the worst browser of all time: having eradicated the competition, things stagnated for a very long time. I guess Firefox is kind of Netscape's spiritual successor.

Talking of oldies, I wonder what happened to Mosaic?

My alternative browser is Opera, which I kinda like but I'm too set in my ways to give it another serious try. As for Midori, we have a bottle of that stuff downstairs looking very green and suspicious. I understand that midori is the Japanese word for "green": at least it's descriptive...

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