Weight lifting

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Weight lifting

Postby Lenny » Sun Jul 18, 2010 1:33 pm

This is just to let the lads know that you can get good results from weight lifting pre T, I have been weight lifting for 7 months.
I started with 3 dumbbells bought from Argo for £12, 1 x 1.1kg,1 x 2.3kg and 1 x4.5kg. After 3 months I had outgrown them and was lucky enough to have a mate selling a bench,couple of bars,dumbbells and free weights. I am now benching 32kg which compared to my male workmates is not alot but I am changing my body to the way it should look. I have got defintion on my arms/shoulder/back, my back is now looking very male with a t shape. I am getting pecs and it is helping to shrink my breasts down aswell, Iam hoping to be benching 45kg before I start testosterone.
I am the same height as a male mate at work who is lifting alot more than me but we now have the same body shape and muscle mass but he's the one with all the testosterone....... at the moment!
Its definately helping for me to pass and makes me feel good.
I also cycle and kayak, hope this might help people to get active.


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Re: Weight lifting

Postby Jay2009 » Mon Jul 19, 2010 5:31 pm

Finally...a post about weights.
You can definitely get good results pre-T.
Strength and muscle are 2 different things though, one doesn't neccessary mean an adundance of the other.

Strength is also measured in relation to body size. You can get a 6"2 man/woman who weighs 200lbs, and is lifting 300lbs. Then you can get a 5"2 man/woman who weighs 110lbs, and is lifting 250lbs.
Who do you think is stronger out of the two?
300lbs is a bigger number than 250lbs, but the smaller person is much stronger because they are lifting double their weight + 30lbs, whilst the bigger person is lifting only 1 and a half times their bodyweight.
You can't always look at just the weights to determine who is strong and who isn't.

Form is everything too, a lot of guys bench press and cheat their way through it. They arch their backs and use the powerful muscles of the legs and back to help drive the weight up etc. Loads of people cheat this way. I would say benching 75kg with proper form is stronger than someone who cheats his way with 95kg, so I wouldn't consider them stronger even if it was more weight. So many people cheat, if you were to stop them and say 'ok, now do it slowly with good form', they'd have to take about 30% off the bar. It's a bit of a joke really - bicep curls are the worst, people heave the bar up using not their biceps to lift the weight, but the huge muscles of their lower backs, torsos and even legs to lift the weight! Crazy. I could never feel proud if that were me.

You will always see it, it never ceases to shock me, I just think OMG :shock: It's really nuts.

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Re: Weight lifting

Postby DowntownBrown » Wed Feb 09, 2011 3:15 am

Lenny; Nice post. Be sure not focus too much on arm workouts. Bench, curls, press.. etc.. is great they miss parts of your core and legs, which are more important in almost every way. Dead lifts and Squats are the most important movements if you want to have real strength.

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Re: Weight lifting

Postby Lenny » Wed Feb 16, 2011 10:24 pm

Hello Downtownbrown, thanks for the advice mate.

I've gone off my free weights for a bit as I have a new toy, I have recently bought a Total Gym. And I have to say its excellent all rounder, if you havent seen one its a resistance gym using your own weight. There's loads of exercises on Youtube and you might catch Chuck Norris on one which is always good for a laugh!
Cheap bit of kit aswell, considering what you can do on it . I found a new one on amazon for £107.00, including postage from Germany. Bargain

I have been doing the plank during my sessions to strengthen my core and to fight for the six pack. Six pack, I have more of 2 pack, its a killer to get rid of that stomach fat!


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