A stupid-car-parking-guy story...

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A stupid-car-parking-guy story...

Postby Sarah » Sat Aug 28, 2010 6:13 am

A few weeks ago i had driven to my local supermarket.....nothing unusual there..

I swung round the car park and thought i'd seen a good spot to park, the arrangement of the spaces meaning i could drive through one so that i was facing out of the other..so no reversing needed when leaving etc...

Anyway as I got closer I saw it was a trick!... my clear space was in fact PARTIALLY taken up by a car like this, a Puegot 307 cc in garish metallic turquoise -


so basically this car was taking up two spaces and had denied me, unnecessarily, of parking and driving straight off....

as you will all know i do get riled by this sort of behaviour and i must say i was tempted to leave a note for the driver as someone had once done to me when i'd parked too close to an them in weybridge ('My car is not a helicopter' as I recall).....but i did not....i tried to let it go....

on leaving the supermarket i saw the driver, a balding man who tbh gave the impression of a possible history of football hooliganism. He was straining to finish his cigarette before getting in his pristine polished-up presumably non-smoking motor.....next to his not-so-pristine or polished-up presumably heavy-smoking wife..

so as i walked up to my car i just said to him, not in a harsh way but a jokey way,

'Worst parking ever Dude!'...and pointed to his car...

.....he came over to me, using my own language as some kind of P*ss-taking tool against me......it didn't wash..

'Do you know why i do that dude?, Do you know why I do that dude?'

i said I didn't.....he went on to explain that he had to do that to stop people 'banging their doors into the car and scratching it'.....at one point he tried to bring MY car into it, but my car was innocent of any crimes...his lyrics were totally whack....so yeah basically this guy needed two spaces before he felt safe and happy about parking his car......

Don't get me wrong, if I drove a Bentley or whatever i would feel like that...or a rare Ferrari..i would definitely feel like that....but a Puegot????...I mean really????????...anyway i hurried him up with his cigarette and in the end i did get to drive off through that space....

But you know what REALLY f*cks me off about this thing???.......I have a pretty serious neck problem and I would LOOOOOOOOOVE to have two spaces to park in to help me but I don't because i'm not that selfish (you can only get blue badges if you can't walk properly)...so yeah the guy makes himself unhappy by not having a car he can use properly, then he makes the rest of us unhappy by having to accommodate him........w**ker!!!

I realised that in the end if i saw him again i would recommend Bhuddism to him as a way of contemplating acceptance of change in his life, i.e. the car will get old eventually, however you look after it......i was proud of myself for feeling so forgiving and kind as to think of his welfare when he didn't think of mine...

Later that day i scratched an impossibly rare record i have, and humbly realised how hard it is to accept those changes....lol

ahhh isn't life fun???? :roll: :lol:

...resistance is textile...

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Re: A stupid-car-parking-guy story...

Postby Ice Maiden » Sat Aug 28, 2010 8:48 am

WOW nobody likes confrontation but its a shame now that people do not take responsibility for themselves this is obvious with a lot of those cop shows you see they are so shocked when the police tell them off probably cos they have been mummy's pampered little undisciplined baby for all this time and suddenly it wont wash - perhaps you should have snapped his number plate and reported him the the owners of the carpark probably a safer bet in this lack of respect era
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Re: A stupid-car-parking-guy story...

Postby Cassie » Sat Aug 28, 2010 3:54 pm

Oops! If I see one parked like that I usually make a point of banging it!!!

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Re: A stupid-car-parking-guy story...

Postby Sarah » Thu Sep 02, 2010 1:45 am

lol....i must say i was tempted! :lol:
...resistance is textile...

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