our pets

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our pets

Postby neo » Sat Jul 02, 2011 8:02 am

now i dont know about this but for me i have to have dogs in my life i dont feel to be that open with my life or to be going out any where if i didnt have them only had one though but now i have 2.

i will post some pics of them soon too. but i have a 3 yr old english bull terrier girl who is a mum but sadly both pups are no longer with us one a 4 days old and the other went to heaven 3 months ago just reaching a yr old. my other one is a boy dogue de bordeux (french mastiff) if you remember turner and hooch its the dog from that.

i love em to bits and would be without them either rather live on the street than give them up. they are my kids due to not having any for reasons we all know.

i am wondering if any of you have a pet whether it a be a bird cat dog or anything,

do you have them for reasons like me or just for comapny.

and if you do how about putting a pic up of them too.

we could also exchange tips on feeding training and the like too i know i have a wealth of info and mhands reach so would be happy to help out if need be :D :D

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Re: our pets

Postby Ace-Lance » Sat Jul 02, 2011 6:57 pm

At the moment.
I have one Border colie/Husky mix she's about 4yrs old

and Three Cats. one adult and two kittens.

i love my kittens. and my dog, but i miss her Brother, he looked like a husky more, and he was my baby. im sad we had to give him up for adoption. im more of a Dog lover. but i love animals in general
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Re: our pets

Postby jaywalters » Fri Jul 22, 2011 3:29 pm

Currently, me and the missus have a two year old cat called Sylar (named after the villain from Heros). I've never really liked cats, but he has grown on me. He's nick-named pigeon because he sounds more like a pigeon than a cat when he meows. Oh and he has a nasty habit of drinking out of the toilet. We did have his brother too, but as soon as we fitted a cat flap, he did a runner.

I'm much more of a lizard person (as in I like lizards - I'm not a half man, half lizard hybrid or anything). I have previously had 3 bearderd dragons and would like to again. We just don't have the room.
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Re: our pets

Postby jenh » Sun Sep 11, 2011 2:55 pm

I love my cats and dogs. I have a black American Bombay called Sooty, ten years old now, a small tabby called Squeaky (because she does) who is around 12, a very, very dark chocolate Patterdale terrier called Dusty, 17 months old, and a border collie called Amiee, with a huge overbite. Actually, Squeaky and Amiee are my sister's, but we live together now so...

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