Transition in Czech republic

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Transition in Czech republic

Postby Robert82 » Tue Mar 29, 2016 6:39 pm

I am incredibly angry !!! Mad !!!
An hour and a half I’ve been waiting for a psychiatrist - sexologist, although I was booked at 13:30.
She asked first, if I was already on Plethysmograph. It´s “examination” to find my reaction (recording of changes of my genitalia with using electrodes on my genitalia) on sexually-erotic stimuli, when you watch some pictures. WTF? Gender and sexual orientation are two different things, don´t they know it? Do transgender people in other countries also have to go through this “examinations”? I only hear it and it´s humiliating!
Then I told her that I was still not informed about anything, about the sex change process in the Czech Republic that my previous doctor had not informed me about anything, that she spoke with me about four sentences in two visits.
I also told her, that my psychologist is homophobic and transphobic and that she should not work as psychologist at all. The psychiatrist, who was in total shock, she informed me, that that psychologist founded Sexology in Ostrava in 1974, that all the years she only hear praise on her, that I’m the first with such opinions and that she can´t let me insulting her colleague psychiatrist, who is pregnant, that she is like her daughter and how happy she is for her pregnancy, that she is ill and old (graduated in 1984), she trembled the whole time and spoke with the problems and told me, that I should find myself another psychologist then and what I really want.
I also told her that the state commission that decides for us every transsexual (Czech law uses the term transgender, transsexual only) if we can be allowed to go on operations, is totalitarian, and something like that should not exist in a civilized country, from that she was also in shock. She said, that I should go to psychologist in Prague (400 kilometers).
She gave me three documents to read and sign. I am already sure, that one I will DEFINITELY won´t sign! There is written, that when FtM transgender is going on hysterectomy, that gynecologist doing operations will decide if they will remove also my vagina !!! WHAT THE f*ck ??? Why should anyone but me make decision about something like that ??? I will not sign it!
And another surprise. It´s bad, if transgender is being cured with depression, it´s important to prove, that you have your depression under control… When I pointed on lack of logic in that and that I am the most productive in my team at work, I was informed by that idiotic psychiatrist, that that is also bad, high exertion at work. So I said, that this month I have really less orders at work - so she said, that such fluctuation in exertion is also bad. So what the f*ck is not bad??? I shouldn´t be successful at work? It would be better, if I would be unemployed? But hey, that also cause depression and that is bad. I am so f*ck mad !!! What is stronger english word for that?
It´s almost impossible obviously to become your true gender in Czech republic. I almost want to stop it all, because I will get heart attack from such humiliation sooner than I will get to that totalitarian State commission.
That psychiatrist should be in psychiatrist care, she was shaking whole time and had problems speaking. If you are ill, than don´t play on being doctor and go home! I took 2 hours off from work to wait one and half hour like idiot!
Pletysmography means, that you will have electrodes attached to your genitalia and they will record reactions of them on different pictures they will be showing you for an hour. Not funny is, that pedophiles are going through that, when they have their trial.

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