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Postby thefishkeeper » Sun Apr 25, 2010 6:45 am

Any thing to do with the subject of Binders and Binding.

Questions welcome.

Recommendations welcome.

Ideas welcome.


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Postby DreamDungeon » Tue May 18, 2010 9:30 pm

Alternatives to Underworks and T-Kingdom, as well as other shopping sites that offer compression shirts?
I've looked around the sites and it's either I can't afford things at the moment, either I'm not quite sure that it'll give me the results I want. This is mainly about positioning and pecs simulation. We all know it's usually easier for guys with smaller chests, but what about us big-chested fellaz? Some guys use waist trimmers (which do a good job but they tend to roll and show, and the material doesn't breathe, so it's a complete disaster in summer), some guys turn to using modified tights with an opening at the crotch area. You can find advice like this on many places online, I'm aware that I'm not saying anything that's actually brand new.
Specifically about waist trimmers and large chests - the whole tissue above the pecs tends to be pushed downwards and to the side, but it's still generally downwards due to the shape of the trimmer. This is probably the only way to flatten out the area with a trimmer. The thing is, after some time (months I guess), the tissue gets a difference in shape and tends to slouch downwards in general, without the binder. This can be a problem if later you decide to try an up-side-down tights binder, so be careful what you choose.
The tights binders are different, if you find the right shape and size you'll likely end up with a good pecs look. According to me, this is always the better alternative, and I hope that you guys are lucky in your search for what suits you best.
I haven't quite had the nerve to stand up and measure things by now, since I wasn't in a position to officially order something online, but I'm pretty certain that I'm around an F cup size. I'm experimenting with a weird type of tights these days, hope I find the right size to reach a good effect. If it works out good, I'll post some pics and I'll be glad if it helps the guys here. Keep your fingers crossed, I think it'll turn out okay. :)

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Postby Hraesvelgur » Wed May 19, 2010 9:17 pm

My second binder from T-Kingdom was shipped two days ago. I'm really happy with my first one, though it does leave a little too much chest to show, I need to pick my shirt up all the time. The new one will be stronger, hopefully it'll be enough for my 95D. This size is a pain, nothing before this binder worked without making breathing or moving impossible, and on top of everything else, I just can't stand seeing myself without binding anymore.
While the cost was pretty high (Model 1980 for 61+ euros and the new one, M1700, for 52+ euros) I'm really happy I used the money for these. Worth it.

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Postby Flameboy » Sat Jun 05, 2010 11:32 pm

I was pretty large in the chest area, and I always found the underworks 997 to be very effective. Unfortunately, you can't exactly try before you buy with binders, so you just have to hope that what you buy works for you. I tried a number of different methods before settling on the 997, but once I discovered that one I never looked back. Other guys find that other binders work better though, so don't take that as gospel!


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Postby DreamDungeon » Tue Jun 08, 2010 12:39 pm

Well honestly I AM willing to try some of your recommendations, but currently I'm keeping my fingers crossed for my appointment and saving cash on that.
About what I mentioned, the experiment was successful. Just gimme a couple of days, I'm really busy with my exams, I wanted to make a decent video for youtube on the topic of binding. Since I'm very large in the area and I found a solution that let's me walk out on the street with a ton of confidence, I hope that you guys or other guys find the video helpful. Just let my exam pass. It's on the 10th.

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